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Welcome to the Truesdale Estates Association main page on the Truesdale Lake website. You will find the following information below. Scroll down to view more on each topic or click the links to jump to the page:

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TEA Dues Payment

The TEA Spring Membership meeting (first Monday in April) is where we present and vote on our upcoming year budget for the association. The annual dues amount is set at this membership meeting. Dues notices are sent shortly afterwards and members should get the dues notice by mid to late April.

If you have not received your dues notice by end of April, please contact us at and we can send you an dues notice copy via email.

Dues payments can be sent to TEA, PO Box 363, South Salem, NY 10590.

If you’d like to pay your annual dues electronically by ZELLE we are TESTING a way to do that. Please contact us at or consult your dues notice for details.

TEA Events

  • Beach Cleanup: (May 2024) Each year we gather the weekend before Memorial Day weekend to get the TEA beach into shape for the summer. Items on the to do list include: Setting up the floats and swim raft, assembling new picnic tables, cleaning out the spring weed growth from the near shoreline, spreading fresh sand, straightening out the shed, and other tasks that will make the beach shiny and ready for summer! Please RSVP if you can help!
  • TEA Summer Kickoff BBQ: Usually the second saturday in June. Date and rain dates are determined at the Spring Membership Meeting in April. See your Spring Dues Notice for dates. TEA supplies the burgers, hot dogs, chicken, veggie burgers, and soft drinks. Members provide desserts, sides, and alternative beverages.
  • Moonlight Regatta: (closest weekends before full moons in 2024: June 21 & July 21, Aug 19). For these events we decorate our boats and docks with lights to help with navigation and a festive atmosphere. If you need to borrow a boat for yourself or friends let us know and we will do our best to link you up with a member with a spare vessel! Details to follow and subject to change based on guidance on social gatherings.
  • Clambake/Lobsterfest: Past event that could use a committee chair who wants to re-launch in the 2020s! Very fun, catered evening event in early September. Adults only.
  • Watersports day: Fun event for all ages but mostly aimed at the kids. Past event that could use a committee chair who wants to re-launch in the 2020s!

TEA Resident Questionnaire

Update your email address and let us know your interests using this TEA Resident Questionnaire

TEA Map & Properties List

The Truesdale Estates Association (TEA) Map is available here.

TEA map of association properties

It shows the boundaries of the TEA deeded lake rights area which is comprised of houses on the following roads:

  • Truesdale Lake Drive (all houses),
  • Salem Lane (all houses),
  • Lower Salem Road (all houses except #37 and #39 Lower Salem Road which were built outside of the original TEA boundaries and after the association was formed), and
  • Stewart Road.
  • The TEA also has two houses on Main Street (#90 and #106) that back up to Lower Salem Road. Also two houses with Bouton Road addresses (#70 Bouton Road – backs up to Stewart Rd and #114 Bouton Road – backs up to Lower Salem Road). The two Bouton Road properties are part of the Stewart Rd and Lower Salem Rd sections of the original TEA development.
  • In addition, we have several households/properties on Boway (addresses #2-#8, #138, #142, #146, #150) and 1 Country Lane (corner of Boway/Country Lane).
  • Houses within the TEA boundaries comprise the Regular Membership “deeded lake rights” of TEA.

The TEA cannot add properties to the deeded lake rights area. The TEA boundaries are fixed and have been since 1957.

For a complete list of the TEA properties in the TEA deeded lake rights area (including tax map, block and lot numbers), please visit this page.

TEA Original Subdivision Maps are here in case you are interested in why the association looks the way it does on the map.

Check here for the TEA Policy on Undeveloped parcels that are not attached to a built house.

Note each household is only a member in one association. TEA Members are not members of TLPOA or vice versa. The association is totally dependent on the property address.

TEA Welcome Packet

If you are new to TEA (or even if you have lived here 50 years!), click here to download the latest TEA Welcome Packet. It is a 2.5Mb pdf file that contains a wealth of information about your new association, neighborhood, and lake.

The packet includes the bylaws for the TEA.

If you are purchasing a property on Truesdale Lake and have a question about what association it resides in, start with our Real Estate section.

TEA Bylaws

If you have a question about the structure and operations of the Truesdale Estates Association, check this document: the TEA Bylaws. It outlines how the association is run and the various member, officer, and board member responsibilities. 

TEA Newsletter Archive [Spring and Fall Meeting Notice / Newsletters]

TEA Beach [Lifeguard and Beach Schedule]

The TEA beach and fishing dock is located on Truesdale Lake Drive on the southeast shore of Lake Truesdale. The beach property, including the fishing dock, is private. Only TEA Regular Members and accompanied guests are permitted to use the TEA beach. No boat storage is allowed at the beach property, with the exception of the lifeguard boat.

TEA Beach Keys

Deeded TEA members in good standing can request TEA Beach Keys using the form here. It asks for your name, address, and email. It also asks for your personal Beach Key Code that was included with your most recent TEA Dues notice. You will need this unique code if your mailing address differs from your TEA household address. That is so the TEA beach committee can verify you are a member before sending a key out. Any questions, please contact us.

TEA Beach Rules

When you are on the beach, please follow the association rules.

TEA Party Rules

Any Member can submit a request for a party at the beach. See Party Rules for details.

The reason you need to submit your request is so we avoid having two parties at the beach for two separate members at the same time.

TEA Boat Storage Policy

TEA members can store boats at the TEA-owned lot at the corner of Gilbert Street and Lake Shore Drive.

A limited number of resident boats (6 total spots, expanding to 12 in 2021) may be stored at the TEA beach property on the boat rack at a cost of $100/season.

Email to get on the waiting list for a spot on the boat rack. Members who have a spot from the prior year will be given right of first refusal for the rack spot. No other boat storage is permitted at the beach property.

All boats (whether kept on your property, at the TEA boat storage lot, or the TEA beach boat rack) must have a valid Truesdale Lake boat sticker. Boats stored at the lake without a sticker will be removed.

Contacting TEA

The TEA mailing address is PO Box 363, South Salem, NY 10590. To contact the TEA Board of Directors via email, please click on the Contact Us link to the left and we will pass on your request to the TEA Board.

Lake Shore Drive and Lovecross household access to TEA Beach

TEA can invite members of the Lovecross association and unaffiliated riparian Lake Shore Drive households to join the TEA beach on a seasonal basis. Since these households already have lake rights and access through their properties, the TEA is allowed to extend the TEA beach membership to this limited group.

Dues for this special seasonal membership are currently the same as TEA member dues, but the amount is determined annually and can be offered at the sole discretion and invitation of the TEA board. (See below for bylaws link and relevant text)

TEA Bylaws: Article III, Section 2, Paragraph 4 – Lake Shore Drive Members â€“ That the section located on Lake Shore Drive with no affiliation to TEA or TLPOA will be invited to join as members on an annual basis and their dues to be determined by the Board annually. In 2019 the TEA voted to include the Lovecross households in this category of membership.

Associate Membership in TEA

The TEA discontinued their Associate Membership program in 2015.

See story here about the vote in 2015.