Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York


There are three homeowner/beach associations on Truesdale Lake. Check the interactive associations map here.

Click the links to visit the association information pages:

In addition, there are approximately 10 houses not in either association but with riparian (lakeside) property on Lake Shore Drive and one property on Hoyt Street at the cul-de-sac.  They are marked in purple in the map below.

Finally, there are houses with deeded lake rights mentioned in their deeds but either the associations carrying those rights no longer exist or properties they had rights through have been built on. These are marked in blue in the map below.

Most of these orphaned properties are no longer able to access the lake since their associations have dissolved.

There are only one or two exceptions. These exceptions are the blue properties on Lake Shore Drive who have access to the lake through a deeded right-of-way, riparian lot #36H-11174-11 on Lake Shore Drive. Buyers of these properties should check their deeds and maintain the right of way if they wish to keep access to the lake.

See this interactive map for exact addresses and membership status.


Individual tax maps link (used to construct the large map above). [Larger version here]

Listing of properties for each association or group of properties:

This information is provided as is with no guarantee of accuracy although many people have worked to make sure it is accurate.  The associations are the final authority on which properties are within their borders.  Consult the individual associations for definitive answers.