Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

TLPOA Beach Rules

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Truesdale Lake Property Owners Association Beach Rules

  • Swimming is at your own risk
  • Beach use is for TLPOA resident members in good standing
  • Any guests must be accompanied by an adult member
  • Adults must accompany children under the age of 13
  • No animals, loud music, or “smoking” of any kind permitted
  • There is no fishing at the beach and no boats in the swim area
  • Please clean up your children’s and guests toys and put them back in the toy bin when finished with them
  • Please keep the beach clean
  • Please do not move the aerators / bubblers
  • Please do not use the trash area for your household trash, garbage service is discontinued in the off-season
  • The beach rowboat is for maintenance only and not for public use
  • Please take care around the waterfowl fence we have placed along the water’s edge. You may remove or take down the center section to swim, but you need to put it back up when you leave (The ducks and geese will make their home at the water’s edge if you don’t and their droppings are a source of harmful bacteria when concentrated in a specific area)
  • Rakes and a scrub brush are by the shed for your use should you wish to clean an area or the dock. Please rake all natural debris under the willow.
  • Families with young children may want to invest in a life jacket and or water shoes. The bottom is a mixture of sand, mud, sticks and leaves.
  • The water out by the dock is not clear and the depth is close to 9 feet so younger and weaker swimmers must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Please do not park next to the trash bins or portable toilet facility because your car could be blocking trash pick-up or clean up.
  • Each household should have one beach key. Please lock the fence and close the gate when you leave. Beach key replacement requires a $25 fee.
  • Our beach is our local treasure and please treat it as such. These “rules” are a shared responsibility and we kindly ask you to reinforce them with guests and neighbors. We also need help when nonresidents trespass. Feel free to contact the board at or call the police to help prevent vandalism and unauthorized use.
  • If you wish to have a party or celebration at our beach, contact our TLPOA rep Martin Rozario at to receive permission to schedule your day and time. You may be asked to hire a lifeguard based upon the ages and number of guests at your party.

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