Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

Boat Sticker

In order to use boats on Truesdale Lake, you must be a deeded member in good standing of one of the lake organizations (TLPOATEAVreeland association) or have waterfront property AND you must have a valid Truesdale Lake boat sticker.

Boat stickers are available free for TLPOA, TEAVreeland/Lovecross, and non-affiliated waterfront owners in good standing.

If you have a question about whether you are in one of the areas above, please contact us using this form.

Please do not fill out this form if you are NOT a resident of a Truesdale Association or a direct riparian owner (click to see map). If you fill out this form and you do not reside in one of the association or lake rights areas, you will not get a response or a sticker.

IMPORTANT: When you fill out the form below and click the Submit button at the bottom, you will get a confirmation email to the email address you entered below. If you do not get this confirmation email right away (check your spam folder too!), your submission did not go through and you should submit again.


Optional - If the boat had a sticker, include it here.
Where your house is in the lake community/association.
(only households in these defined areas can obtain a boat sticker and use the boat on Truesdale Lake. The lake is private and access is restricted to residents in associations or riparian households.)
In case your sticker comes off, the information below will help identify the boat better.
NOTE: If you have more than one boat you are registering, please fill this form out for each boat. This saves time for the volunteers who maintain the listing of registered boats. Thank you for understanding.
(home, or which boat launch area?)
Anything else? Serial number, Brand name, marks (You can type a lot in here). We highly recommend including your boat's serial number here. It has been really helpful when trying to reunite boats that have gone missing in a storm and lost their stickers.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 2 files.
this can help identify your boat if it is lost or windblown during a storm
If you don't know how to upload a photo of your boat you can emall a photo to This is totally optional. Thanks for your information. Once you hit submit button below we will get back to you with confirmation and if we have any questions before we can send you the sticker.


These applications are checked against a list of TEA, TLPOA, Vreeland/Lovecross, and Lake Shore Drive riparian addresses to ensure all registered boats are owned by deeded members in good standing with their respective associations.

There are many reasons for requiring boats be registered:

  • Getting your boat back in case of flooding and/or wind. Neighbors who retrieve your windblown boat can call to determine who the boat belongs to.
  • Stopping invasive plant and animal species from being introduced into the lake (e.g. watermilfoil, zebra mussels, snakehead fish) when boats are used in more than one lake.
  • Ensuring access to the lake is restricted and private.
  • Eliminating trespassing on private properties.
  • Your boat will not be impounded and removed in the future.

Please put your sticker on the SIDE or BACK of your boat so it is visible. Make sure the area you attach it to is clean, smooth, and dry so the sticker stays attached. Use rubbing alcohol to prepare and clean the surface you will attach the sticker to in order to make sure it sticks permanently. (Attaching a sticker to a dirty and/or wet surface will cause the sticker to fall off.)

If a boat has been used on another waterbody, please clean it and make sure it is free from aquatic hitchhikers which can introduce invasive and destructive species of plant and animal into Truesdale Lake. 

Visit for more information on cleaning your boat.

Boats with valid stickers can be stored on your property and also at your association’s designated boat storage lots around the lake:

– TLPOA members have access to boat storage at lots at the corner of Gilbert and Indian Lane (near the dam next to TLPOA lot #96), on Hoyt Street (between lot #124 and #125), as well as a lot on Lake Shore Drive (between lot #6 and #7). [see TLPOA map at]

– TEA members in good standing can store boats at the TEA-owned lot at the corner of Gilbert Street and Lake Shore Drive. [see TEA map at]

– Vreeland owners have an association property with seasonal boat storage near the development off of Boway.

– Lake Shore Drive unaffiliated residents store boats on their waterfront properties.

Having a sticker helps identify your boat if it goes missing. Often we contact owners about their stray boats before they are even aware they have drifted away.

All boats used on Truesdale Lake (whether kept on your property or at the designated boat storage lots) must have a valid Truesdale Lake boat sticker. The boat sticker is your boat’s resident indicator. Failure to obtain a sticker will result in the removal of your boat from the association properties.

Fishing rules for Truesdale Lake are here: Please observe courtesy and common sense when fishing. No fishing anywhere near the beach areas of Truesdale Lake since hooks and bare feet do not mix well. Clean up your snagged tackle and lines to prevent wildlife deaths. Do not leave garbage behind.

If you move outside of the deeded rights area you must remove your boat immediately. We will make an attempt to contact you via the information you provided above. If your boat is no longer allowed on the lake it will be removed and sold at one of our periodic boat auctions.

If you have any questions please email Thank you and be safe!

-The Truesdale Boat & Fishing Committee