Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York


Boating on Truesdale Lake

Boaters on Truesdale Lake enjoy the lake on canoes, kayaks, sailboats, rowboats, windsurfers, sculls, paddle boats, and floating docks.

No gas powered boats or vehicles are allowed on Truesdale Lake (this includes snowmobiles in the winter).

Truesdale Lake hosts one of the oldest Sunfish Fleets in the world – Sunfish Fleet #27.

All boats are required to have a registration sticker.

Boats stored on the lake without a sticker are considered abandoned property and will be removed and sold.

Boat Registration on Truesdale Lake

In order to use boats on Truesdale Lake, you must be a deeded member of one of the lake organizations (TLPOATEA, Vreeland association) or have waterfront property AND you must have a valid Truesdale Lake boat sticker.

Click here fill out a boat sticker application online.

Associate members of TEA are not eligible to register a boat on the lake. Applications are checked against a list of TEA, TLPOA, Vreeland, and Lake Shore Drive riparian addresses.

There are many reasons for requiring boats be registered:

  • Stopping invasive plant and animal species from being introduced into the lake (e.g. watermilfoil, zebra mussels, snakehead fish) when unauthorized boats are used in more than one lake.
  • Ensuring access to the lake is restricted and private.
  • Getting your boat back in case of flooding and/or wind. Neighbors who retrieve your windblown boat can call to determine who the boat belongs to.
  • Eliminating trespassing on private properties.
  • Your boat will not be impounded and removed if it does not have a Truesdale Lake boat registration sticker.

Boat stickers are available free for TLPOA, TEA, Vreeland, and waterfront owners in good standing (dues are current).

Boats with valid stickers can be stored at your association’s designated boat storage lots around the lake:

  • TLPOA members have access to boat storage at lots at the corner of Gilbert and Indian Lane (near the dam next to TLPOA lot #96), on Hoyt Street (between lot #124 and #125), as well as a lot on Lake Shore Drive (between lot #6 and #7). [see TLPOA map]
  • TEA members can store boats at the TEA-owned lot at the corner of Gilbert Street and Lake Shore Drive. [see TEA map]
  • Vreeland owners have an association property near the development off of Boway.

All boats (whether kept on your property or at the designated boat storage lots) must have a valid Truesdale Lake boat sticker. Failure to obtain a sticker will result in the removal of your boat. If you move outside of the deeded rights area you must remove your boat immediately. We will make an attempt to contact you via the information you provided on the application. If that fails we will sell your boat at one of our periodic boat auctions.

There are instructions on the boat registration form. The form can be filled out on your computer and printed out or emailed.

Special Permission to use TEA Boat Launch for Commercial and/or Gas-Powered Boats

Gasoline powered boats are not allowed for residents and are allowed only on a VERY LIMITED BASIS on Truesdale Lake for limited periods. Residents need special permission from TEA to use the boat launch for commercial or construction purposes. The only reason gasoline powered boats will be permitted in the lake is for lake treatment, construction, or maintenance purposes that cannot be accomplished via land.

Firms using the boat launch property will be required to submit proof of insurance and we will require residents have the necessary permits (town, building, wetlands, DEC, etc.) for any work being undertaken by the boat leaving from the TEA Boat Launch.