Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York


Moonlight Regatta on Truesdale Lake

Truesdale Lake Moonlight regatta in June 2022

The tradition of meeting up in the middle of Truesdale Lake under a full moon (or nearly full moon) at least one weekend evening during the summer was started over 20 years ago and has been a part of the Lake Truesdale experience off and on (weather and moon-phase dependent) since then.

What does the tradition entail? Here are some suggestions – and everyone is welcome to add their own touches of course!

  • Light up boats and watercraft creatively, but not too brightly. Glow sticks, LEDs, lanterns with dimming control, etc. work well.
  • Light up your dock or port of return so you can see where you are headed once you’ve called it a night.
  • Depending on which end of the summer we’re on, plan to head out at 8:30 pm (June) or by 8 pm (July, August). Or even earlier if it is a warm early September moonlight regatta.
  • Prep your boats during daylight hours.
  • Hang out as long as you’d like.
  • Meet new neighbors and reacquaint with old ones.
  • Save the higher powered lights to help you get back to your launch area afterwards.
  • Please refrain from shining bright lights while gathered.

Once people have adjusted to night vision you’d be amazed how well you can see by full moonlight.

Ideas, questions, feedback? Let us all know…

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