Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

June 29, 2024
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Algae Treatment Thursday 6/27/24

@pond_and_lake_connection came today to treat the lake with #cutrine to control algae. Water restrictions (swimming, irrigation) are 24 hours so all will be ready for the weekend #truesdalelake

Follow for more photos, video, and announcements.

June 2, 2024
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Comments Off on Lower Hudson Lakes Conference – June 14, 2024

Lower Hudson Lakes Conference – June 14, 2024

NYSFOLA Lower Hudson Regional Conference
June 14, 2024 – 9:00am to 12:30pm

at The Sedgewood Club on China Pond, Kent, NY

The Sedgewood Club on China Pond, Kent, NY

Registration Reminder — If you have already registered, thank you. There is no need to re-register.

We are currently at two-thirds of capacity. Please register soon.

Registration will close at 6:00pm on June 11 or earlier if we reach capacity.

Speak with experts. Connect with local lake users. Share ideas and experiences.Registration is $15 and includes optional networking lunch.
Registration required. No walk-ins please!Planned agenda:How Much Do You Need? (surveying, sampling, surveillance)
        Scott Kishbaugh, Division of Water, NYSDEC (ret)
Tried and True Technologies – or are they?
        Chris Mikolajczyk, CLM, Princeton Hydro
Watershed Disturbance and Lake Phosphorus
        Alene Onion, Division of Water, NYSDEC
It’s in the Bag – Passive phosphorus uptake
        AJ Reyes, CLM, GEI Consultants

Speaker sessions run through 12:30.
Optional lunch for networking or speaker roundtables 12:30 – 2:30.
Please consider bringing a refillable water bottle to limit waste.

Looking forward to seeing you there! 

–Janet Andersen and Ina Cholst

Presented by: New York State Federation of Lake Associations, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Putnam County, Putnam County Soil and Water Conservation, Town of Kent Lakes Association, and The Sedgewood Club.

May 24, 2024
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Comments Off on Friday June 21st – Summer Solstice FULL MOON Regatta!

Friday June 21st – Summer Solstice FULL MOON Regatta!

Get yourself and your boat(s) ready for the first Truesdale Lake moonlight regatta of 2024. Date is June 21st (the Strawberry Moon). If the weather cooperates this will be a fun way to kick off the true summer season on the lake!

This is the summer solstice as well – and the moon will be completely full at exactly 9:07pm on Friday June 21st the longest daylight day of the year.

Bring the kids. Bring the lights! Bring the cheer! More information and photos is here:

Sunset is at 8:30pm on Friday, June 21st. Civil twilight begins at 9:04pm. We recommend heading out on the lake between these times. Moonrise is 8:49pm and the moon will rise over trees on the east side of the lake 15-20 minutes after then — lighting up the water.

Prep your watercraft — in the daylight — with lights and provisions. Check your light batteries beforehand! Bring extra provisions to share!

BYO Truesdale Lake registered boat with a Truesdale Lake Registration Sticker — or make arrangements ahead to join with someone who has one!

Remember to bring light source(s) to help navigate home.

Lighting decoration on boats encouraged and helpful to the other boats out in the night-time.

Please don’t make your boat too bright – if you are not sure, test it a few nights beforehand. Residents have used glow sticks, LEDs, lanterns, etc. if you have a dock on the lake, putting out navigation lights is appreciated!

#moonlightregatta #truesdalelake #laketruesdale – post your pics – both prep and out on the lake!

May 20, 2024
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Comments Off on TLPOA Spring 2024 Newsletter

TLPOA Spring 2024 Newsletter

This newsletter is published and sent to the TLPOA membership. Some of the items are TLPOA specific, but many of them are of interest to all lake residents regardless of association.

Here’s a snippet of the top front page… (more at the link below or click the image to view PDF)

Here it is:

May 20, 2024
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Comments Off on Lake Wide Tag Sale – June 1 (Rain Date Jun 8)

Lake Wide Tag Sale – June 1 (Rain Date Jun 8)

From the TLPOA:

“The TLPOA social committee is organizing a lake-wide tag sale for June 1st (rain date June 8th). We are asking lake community households that want to participate to sign up (link below) and we will advertise to the wider, local communities and create a map for people to locate the participating households. TEA members are also very welcome to sign up and participate if they’re interested.”

See link to sign up: To have a house entered on the map entry is $30. Proceeds will go towards lake improvements. 

April 30, 2024
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Comments Off on Continued push for sewer proposal

Continued push for sewer proposal

UPDATE from the Lewisboro Septic/Sewer Working Group which includes residents of Truesdale Lake and the Three Lakes (Waccabuc, Rippowam, Oscaleta) plus Town Board members, other officials, and consulting engineers.

A brief recap: In 2021, the town obtained grant funds for engineering studies on lakes Kitchawan, Truesdale, and Waccabuc. Study results pointed to failing and poorly functioning septic systems as a source of phosphorus pollution to our lakes – and, as you know, phosphorus enables growth of algae and aquatic plants. While well-sited and maintained septic systems can treat waste effectively, sewers, where affordable, will ensure that the waste is properly handled.

Initial wastewater solution With a lot of input from community members, elected officials, and engineers, a preliminary sewer approach was established, sized based on anticipated funding availability of $40M. The plan includes selected parcels on Truesdale, Waccabuc, Rippowam, and Oscaleta lakes. The wastewater treatment plant would be near the current recycling center and highway garage. A collection system will run from the homes, along the roads, to the wastewater treatment plant. After treatment, plant effluent would be discharged into the stream that flows out of Truesdale Lake.

Many steps remain before implementation. The town must be successful in two different grants. The town will reapply for grants in 2024. Additional funding from Westchester County and NYCDEP needs to be approved. The plan requires approval by a host of permitting agencies. Homes that would be in the project must vote in favor.

The draft plan may change for many reasons, including funding availability. It is very exciting to see these proposals moving forward. Stay tuned for more updates.

April 25, 2024
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Comments Off on TEA 2024 Beach Cleanup and Summer Kickoff Party

TEA 2024 Beach Cleanup and Summer Kickoff Party

Spring is here and summer’s on its way! The annual TEA spring beach cleanup is scheduled for Saturday, May 18th 2024 from 9-11 a.m; (Rain date is Sunday, May 19th, 9-11 a.m.)

Clean up involves raking the shoreline of weeds, cleaning up after our resident geese, raking out the sand and spreading new sand, cleaning out the shed, installing the swim ropes and swimming platform and any other attention that is needed. Please let me (Sarah Polizzotto – put BEACH CLEANUP in the subject) know if you can make it!

It’s also helpful if you’re able to bring rakes, shovels, hoes, clippers, and/or work gloves with you. The cleanup goes very quickly when we’ve got a big group working together on it.

Also, please save the date of Saturday, June 8th 2024, from 5:00 p.m. for the annual Welcome Summer Kickoff Barbecue! (Rain date is Sunday, June 9th). The TEA, as always, will provide burgers, chicken, hot dogs, etc. for the grill, as well as wine, beer, and soft drinks; and attendees will bring sides to share. An e-mail invitation will be sent out a little closer to the date with specifics and a sign-up sheet. If anyone would like to be part of the planning committee for the party, or help out on the day, please reach out! ( – put SUMMER PARTY in the subject)

Again, please reply to this email to let us know if you’re able to make the cleanup on May 18th. Many thanks, we’re looking forward to another beautiful summer season on the lake.

Kind regards,

Sarah Polizzotto & Kate Grieve, TEA Beach Chairs

April 6, 2024
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Comments Off on Goose Egg Oiling 2024 Update #1

Goose Egg Oiling 2024 Update #1

Canada Geese couple guard their nest on Pirate Island.
Canada Geese couple guard their nest on Pirate Island.

Truesdale Lake has obtained a Fish & Wildlife Service federal permit to addle and oil resident Canada Goose eggs. This program has been going in one form or another for over 15 years with a few interruptions. See article for more details.

We have seven residents who are designated on the permit for the program. If you are interested in helping, please contact us at and reference the FWS Permit and the Resident Canada Goose egg program.

April 5th Survey and Actions Taken

Islands from North to South:

Waxwing Island (Northernmost Island in lake) Survey

  • WI-1 – One hidden nest (covered with leaves) of 3 eggs on center of east end the Island. Addled and oiled.

Ant Island (Middle Island, closest to TLPOA Beach)

  • AI-1 – One attended nest of 5 eggs on southeast corner. Addled and oiled.

Pirate Island (Southernmost Island, closest to TEA Beach)

Nest and action details: (numbered Pi# clockwise from landing spot in southeast of island and approximate compass location on island)

  • PI-1 – Northeast – 4 eggs cold – no action – nest abandoned by geese (check later in case nest is cleaned up and re-used)
  • PI-2 – North-northeast – 7 eggs, attended – oiled & addled
  • PI-3 – west – 5 eggs, attended – oiled & addled
  • PI-4 – Northwest inner part of island – 7 eggs, unattended but warm (swan eggs) – left these alone
  • PI-5 – Southwest – 6 eggs, attended – oiled & addled
  • PI-6 – Southeast – 9 eggs, attended by mallard 🦆 – left alone
Comparison of Swan egg to Canada Geese eggs (returned the Swan egg to proper nest)

March 18, 2024
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Comments Off on Spring 2024 TEA Membership Meeting: Mon, April 15

Spring 2024 TEA Membership Meeting: Mon, April 15

SPRING 2024 Membership Meeting April 15th @ Horse & Hound

The TEA Annual Spring Membership Meeting is planned for Monday, April 15, 2024 at the Horse & Hound at 94 Spring Street. We also plan to have a laptop/camera at the meeting broadcasting over Zoom for TEA members interested in watching remotely.

Meeting will begin at 7:00 p.m.

Note: This meeting is for TEA Members only.

Email to RSVP for in-person. If you want the Zoom Link please ask for it when you RSVP.

If you are new to the TEA or you want to update us on your information, please fill out the TEA Resident Questionnaire. Thanks!

➡ President and other Officer reports
➡ Treasurer:

  • YTD FY2023-2024 Budget vs. Actual review
  • Proposed FY2024-2025 review and vote

➡ Beach Report / Lake Committee update

➡ Projects Update: Drawdown / Septics / Sewer
➡ Upcoming meeting schedule for coming year.

New Boat Rack for TEA Beach – for kayaks and SUPs?

  • -need volunteers from membership and families who want them
  • -ihooks and fastening points

Beach cleanup weekend – Saturday May 18th – weekend before Memorial Day.

  • Portopotties delivered before cleanup ()
  • Sand delivery before beach cleanup (Lawton Adams)

Moonlight Regatta – Full Moon Friday June 21 9:15pm 

  • Other full moons:
  • Sunday July 21 (Regatta Saturday Night July 20th)
  • Monday Aug 19 (Regatta Saturday Night Aug 17th) 

Kickoff Party – Second or third Saturday 6/8 Or 6/15? Kate and Sarah decide

Zelle – members payment – NEW direct electronic payment – live testing in 2024! 

Notes for TEA Board / Officer Membership

The TEA Officer roles are two year terms. At the end of 2024 the terms will end and we need to get ideas on who wants to fill the roles for the next 2 year (2025-2026) term.

Board members cannot be in the same role for two consecutive terms.

WE NEED SOME NEW BOARD MEMBERS! a lot of the same people are taking on the board and officer roles, some for many years. Fresh eyes and fresh energy is needed and valued. If you are new to the community and want to help, there are lots of ways to pitch in.

Current TEA Officers for 2023-24 (through end of 2024):

President (Jo Ann and George Ferrigno, co-presidents) – organizes & runs meetings, in charge of recruiting next president and officers. Can sign checks.

Vice President (Debbie Fink) – runs meetings when President can’t attend. Fills in other roles as needed. Can sign checks.

Treasurer (Ruth Vellensky) – deposits checks, writes checks, tracks and reports on income/expense and bank balances. Tax filing 990.

Recording Secretary (Howard Citron) – Takes meeting minutes, sends drafts to board and membership attendees post-meeting.

Corresponding Secretary (Rob Cummings) – Receives and replies to association correspondence.

Sergeant-at-Arms (Kate Grieve) – guards the door (or virtual door).

Formal roles for Officers are in the TEA Bylaws here:

At-large Board members (7-10 members needed) attend 4 standing meetings per year. Current board members are: Mike Vellensky, Lisa Capobianco, Glenn Capobianco, Harron Appleman, Melissa Scarlatto, Tom Houlihan, Ira Sanchick, Kathleen Ward Gallagher, Carol Gamez, and Wendy Daniels.

Sarah Polizzotto also on the board and took over as beach co-chairperson with Kate Grieve. Thank you Kate and Sarah!

Standing Association Meetings are on the following UPDATED schedule:
-TEA Membership Meetings (entire membership invited 2x/year):
SECOND Monday of April (April 14, 2025, Spring Membership Meeting)
—SECOND Monday of November (Nov 11, 2024, Fall Membership Meeting, the one coming up)
-TEA Board Meetings (board members only):
—SECOND Monday of March (March 10, 2025)
—SECOND Monday of October (Oct 14, 2024)
Special Meetings can be called for association business.

Critical positions that don’t have to be board members:

Beach Chairperson – Hire and train lifeguards, coordinate beach clean-up, monitor beach conditions, keep an eye on beach things like electricity and trash service. Lots more! A lot of overlap with the Social Chairperson.

Social Chairperson – Plan and get volunteers for any social events – primarily the Summer Kickoff BBQ the second weekend in June. Some events can be at our beach while others we can coordinate with TLPOA. This position is all about fun!

Volunteer Opportunities & Committees:

Beach Clean-up Day – the Saturday before Memorial Day Weekend (May) each year. Lots of sand spreading, weed cleanup, general maintenance, and straightening up the beach getting ready for the first official weekend of summer on Memorial Day Weekend.

Floats and Dock installation, management, and winterizing – 2-3 people needed – at the beginning of the season, usually on Beach Clean-up Day, volunteers put out the floats and swim dock. 2-3 people. At the end of the season, this group pulls in the floats and winterizes & secures the swim dock

Lake Management Committee Member – be the TEA liaison to TLPOA Lake Manager John Gusmano and Pond & Lake Connection (James Gorman, main contact). Participate in email communications and bring any concerns to the TEA & TEA Board. More info:

CSLAP Testing Member (1 person needed) – We are looking to rejoin the New York State Federation of Lake Associations “Citizens Statewide Lake Assessment Program” which uses trained volunteers to sample the water conditions of Truesdale Lake and hundreds of other NY State Lakes. More info is at:

Resident Canada Geese Registration and Egg Control program volunteers (2-3 people needed to go out to the islands in March and April) – Each year we get permits from the United States Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) to oil and addle eggs in the nests of Resident Canada geese. 20+ years ago there were hundreds of Canada geese that would take up permanent residence on Truesdale Lake for the summer. This causes unhealthy conditions in the lake and on lawns. More information at

Truesdale Lake Dock Committee (TLDC) – We have a joint TEA/TLPOA/Vreeland/Lake Shore Drive committee that accepts applications for new and renovated docks. The TLDC process is designed to help the homeowner comply with our requirements and the Town of Lewisboro’s regulations..

Truesdale Fishing Committee – fishing guidelines and signage around Truesdale Lake. Fishing information here:

Ad-hoc Building Committee – We built two boat racks at the TEA beach. These racks have 2 spots available for TEA members. If you are interested in a spot on the rack, the season rental is $100. If you are interested in helping build an additional boat rack at our TEA Gilbert/Lake Shore boat launch property let us know. Other projects of the Building Committee in 2022 will include the new shed installation including a proposed tiki bar.

Landscaping committee – anyone with ideas to beautify our already lovely beach let us know. We have ornamental grasses along the boat launch fence side. Always looking for additional ideas to make it look good.

In 2024 we are looking to replace or repair the following items at the beach:

  • Boat Launch Dock, bridge, and path
  • Storage Shed / electric

Anything else you can think of? Let us know…

Some helpful links for lake residents new and old:

TEA Map and Other TEA Resources Online
Map available at the website here:

For residents new to the lake, download the TEA Welcome and Information Packet from this link above as well.

*If you are interested in volunteering for the TEA board or a specific activity, please email or fill out this questionnaire.

Contact Information

Truesdale Estates Association
PO Box 363
South Salem, NY 10590

*if you are not current with your TEA dues, you cannot vote until your dues are brought current.

TEA Board Meeting – Notes Spring 2024 – SUMMARY OF ITEMS OF INTEREST

Drawdown 2023-24

Phragmites Treatment Fall 2023

  • -First time targeting these invasive
  • -Sprayed directly on Oct 4, 2023
  • -Individual homeowners should cut down stalks and remove seeds (burn if possible, but definitely bag and remove-don’t compost!) and add vinegar or topical herbicide to kill the roots of the phragmites.
  • -This is a multi-year program. One treatment will not eliminate these extremely hardy plants.
  • UPDATE: will consult P&LC (lake managers) to see what they thought about the application and next steps.
  • Lack of ice and failed drawdown over winter limited easy access to phragmites for cutting back.

Septic/Sewer Plan – Engineering studies (FUTURE)

  • -County/State/NYC initiative / funding
  • -3 lakes plus Truesdale involved
  • -Rippowam, Oscaleta, Waccabuc, Truesdale
  • -Treatment facility at recycling center
  • -Fully treated outflow into stream that becomes the waccabuc river
  • -See map in linked story for covered locations.
  • -estimated $40 million cost paid by NY state and NYC EOH grants
  • -VERY early stages of plan
  • UPDATE: Plan has been submitted – it is one of many grant proposals under consideration by NYC DEP. (Update from County) 

Septic Tank Cleaning Program (PRESENT DAY)

  • -Westchester County requires pumping every 5 years (?)
  • -Lake areas recommended every 2-3 years
  • -County has database of clean outs and maintenance – septic providers are required to report these to county when a cleaning or maintenance is done.
  • -Can see who is either not reporting their clean outs or who is not doing clean outs
  • -Publicity signs and mailing for lake area
  • -Special attention to those homeowners without a pump out on record for more than 5 years.
  • -Info to be posted to site soon.
  • -UPDATE: Info to be posted to site when we get it

Beach improvements

  • -Step repair – Thanks Mike!!
  • -Dock rebuilding – Corey (who did the step repair) will get us price. (UPDATE: Not received yet)
  • Phragmites cut down. TEA landscaper did the south side of beach 4-5 years ago. Need to do for next to plunge pond/Boat Launch area.
  • Shed replacement
  • -Electric meter move (since electric meter is on shed)
  • UPDATE: Who is spearheading this in TEA? 
    • Howard – assistant contractor & Ruth – general contractor

Dam Study – TLPOA

  • -Cost $11,175
  • -TLPOA is asking us to pay our “regular” share of it (34%) by household count
  • -$3,799.50 our share if we vote to contribute (recommend – present to membership Fall)
  • UPDATE: TEA did not vote to approve this expense at our FALL 2023 Membership Meeting. TLPOA went ahead with study. Result TBD 

Helps with eligibility for large construction grants (state, federal, etc.)

March 10, 2024
by rob
Comments Off on Canada Geese Control Efforts for 2024

Canada Geese Control Efforts for 2024

We will resume actively oiling goose eggs on the three big islands of Lake Truesdale in the upcoming weeks of spring 2024.

We do this to control the population of Resident Canada Geese on the lake.

We will do an initial census of the three* main islands of the lake to determine the number of nests and the egg quantities. (*also the small private island in north end cove of lake — and any inaccessible shoreline areas that might house a stealthy pair of geese and a nest)

Last year (2023) we found ten different nests between the three islands and continued to monitor the islands through the spring. We acted as needed since new nesting pairs continued to show up throughout the spring season with newer waves of paired geese landing weekly to scope out the neighborhood.

Egg oiling requires a permit from the Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) which we have obtained. Truesdale Estates Association has renewed its FWS RCGR (Resident Canada Goose Registration) permit #13757A and currently there are seven lake residents who are named on the permit and can serve as volunteers.

If you are interested in learning about this program — and adding your name to the list of federally approved volunteers — see below for contact info.

This is a FREE program for our lake. The only cost is the time given by the volunteers and the cost of the corn oil used for oiling.

Nest of six Canada Goose eggs with mama goose in background on Pirate Island on April 14, 2023.

The program on Truesdale Lake started in 2008 and has been very successful in controlling the population of resident Canadian Geese on the lake. The number of geese was in the hundreds in the early and mid-2000s and the oiling program has been successful in reducing these resident geese to close to zero recently. (We do get transitory geese all throughout the summer, but since they are not nesting they do not stay very long.)

As an example of what happens when we miss a nesting season: In 2019 the program did not have anyone oiling the eggs in time and the resident geese population shot back up into the 70-80 range — and possibly more. In 2020 we resumed the FWS program and there was only one resident family of Canada Geese on the lake for the summer. In the subsequent years 2021, 2022, and 2023 we have had at most one family of Canada Geese.

If you are interested in helping out, please contact us via email at or via our Contact Form. The process is not too difficult and training is easy. We need to add your name to our FWS permit before you can be involved with the oiling program. There is no cost to join the program.

What is egg oiling?

Egg oiling is a long-term strategy that reduces the number of resident Canada Geese on Truesdale and other lakes through 1.) physical intervention and 2.) behavior changes.

Physical Intervention

The physical intervention is the actual oiling of the eggs after mating has occurred but before the eggs have developed embryos. In our lake this typically takes place in late March or early April and can be pinpointed by observing the mating ritual of the local geese couples and finding their island nests about a week later.

Oiling works best with a crew of two or three working together. One person finds the nests, one person keeps the geese away from the nest, and one person oils the eggs. It is possible to do this with one person if they bring along two umbrellas to shield the activity over the nests.

Oiled eggs are marked with sharpies to keep track of which ones have been treated. Records are kept for the number and location of the nests and the number of eggs in each nest as a requirement of permission from the Fish & Wildlife Service.

Behavior Change

The behavior change for the geese is the most important long term consequence of oiling the eggs.

We oil the eggs rather than simply break them because if the eggs are broken the goose simply lays more eggs. However, if the eggs are oiled, the development of the egg is stopped by preventing oxygen flow into the egg. This prevents the egg from hatching.

Since the geese do not know this, they sit on the eggs for the 5-6 weeks it takes for hatching. When the oiled eggs do not hatch, the geese view it as a “failed nesting.”

Resident Geese BAD — Migratory Geese GOOD

After a successful nesting which results in hatched eggs, the adult geese shed their flight feathers and take up residence with their new goslings on the lake for the entire summer and fall. We cannot chase them away.

This is NOT the outcome we want.

It is important to get all of the eggs and all nests oiled – or as many that are found. If there are enough goslings in a flock, even other members of the flock who may have had failed nestings will stick around and lose their flight feathers to support the new parents in the flock as “aunts” and “uncles.” This creates a large resident flock for the entire summer.

In a failed nesting with no goslings hatched, the adults keep their flight feathers, take off, and head further north for the summer. They do not have the time to lay more eggs and have the goslings fledge and fly before the end of the season. They are bachelors and bachelorettes.

This is the outcome we want.

These geese who fly away after a failed nesting also do not develop a preference for returning to Lake Truesdale next summer. They resume being Migratory Canada Geese (good) rather than Resident Canada Geese (bad).

Keeping the geese migratory means the problem is reduced both in the current year and in subsequent years.

Other geese will find and take up residence on Truesdale if we stop oiling the eggs, so we must keep up the program to head off more future residents.

We will also always have transient migratory geese — you can tell these geese since they are willing and able to fly away and visit other lakes since they do not have goslings to protect. They are not a long-term problem but they can be a nuisance periodically, especially on the beaches.

Oiling Results

In 2021, the crew of egg oilers has oiled over 100 eggs between the three islands. This prevented the hatching of those eggs and has interrupted the resident behavior of those goose parents. The aim was to not have them return for the next year — and the resident geese numbers were way down from 2021 to 2023 numbering only 5-8 goslings down from over a hundred when the program was not undertaken.

To be successful, there has to be an initial oiling treatment and several follow up oiling treatments. Timing is the key to successful outcomes. In past years, new couples appeared and new nests were created after our first and second trips to the islands. Each island ultimately required 4-5 trips. Nesting season was done by early May (no new nests, no new eggs observed).

Summary: Egg oiling has made a huge difference in controlling the resident goose population on Lake Truesdale.

Anecdote: When we first moved here in 1999, we would arrive home to 60-80 geese/goslings on our lawn. There was easily double or triple that number on the lake. Lawns were covered in goose droppings. The beaches were favorite spots for goose gatherings. I have photos (deep in the archive) that I can dig up in case you think I am egg-agerating.

We have gotten it much more under control relative to those days — but we can always do better. Will you step up to help? We can always use more volunteers! Thanks everyone for your help and support.


Permit requirements: