Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

Weed Control Measures

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Some of the tools we have used to do this include (click on images to visit sites to purchase these items):

Long Reach Lake Rake

Long Reach Lake Rake

(Also available from other sources like Seymour Midwest)


Weed Cutter


Beach Buddy Wheeled Rake


Big Tooth Lake Rake

Water Weed Mat


Two other tools we suggest are a pitchfork and wheelbarrow. Let the weeds/algae dry out in piles at the water’s edge then get them a a few minutes (or day or so later if you want them to be super light) with pitchfork and load in wheelbarrow for transport to composting/garden spot where they will help other things grow.

Plants grow in the lake because that’s what plants do. You have to think about them like your lawn. If you don’t mow your lawn the lawn will overgrow and you will not be able to walk through it. Same is true for your “water lawn” – no maintenance and it grows wild. Some people like it that way, others want a clear waterfront. Others simply want a path.

We have found if you want to control the plant growth around your waterfront or dock, the best and most effective way to control it is hand harvesting or cutting – then removing the plants from the water to dry and then compost. This can be time consuming and labor intensive, but the results typically last 4-6 weeks (sometimes as little as 1 week during peak season). The more you maintain, the easier it becomes over time.