Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York


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Lovecross/Vreeland Information Page

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Lovecross/Vreeland Overview

There are eight homes in what Jeff Vreeland coined the “Lovecross” development, or association.

Three of them are on Hoyt Street, all on the East side of the street — #65 – #69.

Five are on Boway –  from just south of the stream that feeds the lake and as you head North of Boway, the next three lots/homes –   Each of these homes also own 1/8th of the sediment collection pond on the stream.

All of these homes have deeded lake access via the paper road at the end of the Hoyt Street cul-de-sac to a small beach area, boat launch dock, and seasonal swim dock. 

The association maintains and uses this together. Members occasionally get together and pool money to replace dock and beach area items.

Click here for a tax map of the lake showing the Lovecross/Vreeland subdivision.  The subdivision is marked 10810 and is on the lower middle part of the map.

You can also see the subdivision marked in red in the map at the main associations page here.

Contacting Lovecross/Vreeland Association

To contact the Lovecross/Vreeland association via email, please click on the Contact Us link to the left and we will pass on your request to  Jeff Vreeland.