Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

TEA Beach Open For Summer 2020

The TEA Beach officially opens this weekend under social distancing restrictions. NY State requires all who visit a beach have a mask that can be used in case the beach gets too crowded. Please use common sense, be aware of others, and keep healthy.


Photo: Lisa, Kevin, and Bill work to clear the beach of weeds and spread the new sand out.

A BIG thank you to our beach volunteers who worked to get the beach ready for the upcoming season: Lisa Capobianco, Brian Pastore, Bill Dooley, Stu Tygert, Jack Capobianco, Kevin Conway, Mike Surdej, Ira Sanchick, Mike Vellensky, and Rob Cummings.

A group of resident volunteers has built the first ever boat rack at the TEA beach property. At our Fall 2019 TEA membership meeting volunteers proposed and the board approved building the rack for limited boat storage. We agreed to charge a seasonal rental of $100 for each of the six “shelves” of the rack. Please email if you are interested in getting on the waiting list to have your boat there for the season.

Photo: New TEA beach boat rack 2020

Don’t worry if you missed the spring cleanup – there’s always something to help out with at the beach or in the association. For example: Keeping the beach weed-free is a constant battle that can use everyone’s help.

If you are interested in joining the TEA Board, please email — or respond to this note and let us know. Our association is powered by volunteers! Thank you to our volunteer TEA board members and officers.

Lake Treatment and Last Winter Drawdown

The lake will be treated with Clipper herbicide by our lake management company Pond & Lake Connection on Thursday 5/21. There are no swimming restrictions, but if you have an irrigation system that uses water from the lake then put it on hold for 24 hours.

This will be a spot treatment since our winter 2019-2020 drawdown has proven successful in suppressing much of the usual shoreline early season weed growth.

The Beach and Lifeguards

The lifeguard schedule typically includes Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Hours will be from noon to 6pm. When you arrive at the beach, please sign in the registration book when the lifeguard is on duty. That is how we make sure only TEA members visit. The beach is open to members via beach key regardless of when the lifeguard is there — and only members have keys (see link below to get one or replace yours).

While we do our best to juggle the part time schedules of our lifeguards, we are not always able to schedule a guard during all of those weekend hours. We hope to have lifeguards at the beach this weekend, but with everything going on we are not sure at this point.

Even with the lifeguard is on duty, please note that they are not babysitters — no child under the age of 14 can be left at the beach alone.

Members are eligible to get a beach key to use the beach any time up until it closes at dusk. Beach keys require a refundable $25 key deposit. Simply fill out the form online here: and we will verify your information and send you a key after receiving your key deposit check.

Social Events

Typically we have the TEA Summer Kickoff BBQ in early June, but this year we are holding off on big organized events at the beach for now. Stay tuned for updates.


I have put together a fishing survey with input from residents around the lake. The goal is to gather data about fishing on the lake and what residents think about fishing on the lake.

Survey link is here: It should take 2 minutes to fill out and submit.

If you fish at the boat launch area, please don’t cast your lines towards the beach and the swim ropes. Hooks and bare feet do not mix well. Please clean up after yourselves and teach your kids to do the same.

Final notes: no dogs are allowed on the fenced in beach area in any season. This is a Westchester Health Department law. Please dispose of your dogs waste in your own garbage, not in your neighbors garbage please.

Looking forward to seeing everyone (from a distance…)!

Rob Cummings
TEA Corresponding Secretary

PS: More information about the TEA including maps, welcome packet, bylaws, board and officer contacts, beach rules, party rules, boat storage policy, plus past Fall and Spring Newsletters can be found here:

PPS: The site has a Truesdale Lake neighborhood with over 800 lake-area members. It is a useful place to get local recommendations on things as diverse as landscapers, babysitters, electricians, local restaurants, plus many other things. It also serves to facilitate neighbor-to-neighbor communications about local events and happenings. Sign up at the site to join our “Nextdoor Truesdale” virtual neighborhood.

PPPS: There is a small Truesdale Lake store with a few items online at the website here: The items are made on-demand and shipped directly to you.

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