Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

Boat Launch

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Truesdale Lake has a boat launch. It is located at the TEA Beach Property on Truesdale Lake Drive.

A typical use for the boat launch is to deliver or pick up a large craft that is difficult to access or retrieve on a homeowner’s property due to the size of the boat or the terrain of the property.

If you need access to the boat launch, contact well in advance to arrange day and time.

VERY IMPORTANT: Read additional requirements below for use of the boat launch for commercial, lake management, or construction purposes.

Special Permission to use TEA Boat Launch for Commercial and/or Gas-Powered Boats

Gasoline powered vehicles are not allowed for residents and are allowed only on a VERY LIMITED BASIS on Truesdale Lake for limited periods. Residents need special permission from TEA to use the boat launch property launching boats or vehicles for commercial or construction purposes.

The only reason gasoline powered vehicles will be permitted in the lake is for lake treatment, construction, and maintenance purposes that cannot be accomplished via land, subject to restrictions and requirements below.

Boats used for the Fire Department for training or rescue purposes are permitted.

Firms using the boat launch property will be required to submit proof of insurance.

Truesdale Estates Association needs to be a named insured on the insurance policy of the construction company or firm accessing the boat launch property.

We will also require residents have the necessary permits (town, building, wetlands, DEC, etc.) for any work being undertaken using a boat leaving from the TEA Boat Launch.

Email valid and current wetland and building permits to

Failure to present valid building and wetlands permits at the time of launch or beforehand will result in denial of access to the boat launch.

Please arrange access ahead of time. We are not responsible for delays caused by failure to adhere to the insurance and permit policy above.