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Some Frequently Asked Questions about Truesdale Lake Real Estate:

How do I know if a house I purchase has lake rights via TEA, TLPOA, or the Vreeland/Lovecross associations?

Since the TEATLPOA, and Vreeland/Lovecross assocations have houses that are not ‘riparian’ (or lake-side), this is a good question.  There links to lists of properties and addresses on this website in the Associations section as well as maps (links below). There has been much confusion about this, even among long time residents and real estate agents.  The best way to verify lake rights status is to do all four of these:

  1. ask the homeowner if they are a member of TEA or TLPOA or the Vreeland/Lovecross association.
  2. ask your real estate agent to verify this information.
  3. verify it yourself by contacting the TEA (PO Box 363, South Salem, NY 10590) or the TLPOA (PO Box 193, South Salem, NY 10590) and ask them to send you a confirmation of the property’s status and dues payment history.
  4. Check the Map Section of the website to see the boundaries of TEA, TLPOA, and Vreeland/Lovecross.

If you are in the TEA association boundaries, you should also check to make sure the seller is current in their membership dues.  If they are not, they (or YOU, if you do not ask before closing about the property status) will have to pay initiation dues before the property is again eligible for TEA membership and able to use the lake. The TEA Treasurer or TEA Corresponding Secretary will have the most current information on which TEA properties are in arrears for past dues and can provide a letter for your closing attorney.

There two smaller collections of 20 houses directly on the lake or part of a development that is not part of either TEA or TLPOA.  Some of these are in the Vreeland/Lovecross development off of Boway and also Hoyt Street.  There are also unaffiliated properties on Lake Shore Drive that have direct lake access.

Any other house does not have lake rights.

Are there maps of Association Boundaries?

Yes! The Truesdale Estates Association (TEA) and Truesdale Lake Property Owners Association maps are in the Downloads section under Association Maps here:

They are also available in the maps section here.

In addition, the Associations section of the website has maps and descriptions of the boundaries.Also check this listing of properties for each association or group of properties:

This information is provided as is with no guarantee of accuracy although many people have worked to make sure it is accurate. The associations are the final authority on which properties are within their borders. Consult the individual associations for definitive answers.

If I purchase a house near the lake neighborhood, but without lake rights, can I join an association?

No. You have to own property in one of the associations that carries Deeded Lake Rights in order to be in an association and use the lake.

Can I purchase lake rights to Truesdale Lake?

None of the associations on Truesdale Lake are able to sell lake rights. The house must have the lake rights to a specific existing association (TEA, TLPOA, or Vreeland) written in the deed for the house or included as a right inherited from a master (original) deed. See Downloads section for some deed information scanned in.

What houses are for sale on or around the lake?

I would check for this information.Spring seems to be a popular time for home sales and at any given time there look to be 3-5 of the 300+ houses with lake rights for sale.

Are there rental properties around the Lake?

Most residences are year-round, but there are some seasonal and annual rental properties. Some are right on the lake and others have lake rights since they are within one of the two associations. See a real estate agent for current availability of rentals.

Can you recommend any Real Estate Agents?

My personal favorite is Gina Reback (914.232.5007) from Houlihan Lawrence in Katonah (Gina Reback Link). Gina sold us our house on the lake so I can tell you she listens well to her clients wishes.

Pat Neville ( and ( has been both a lake shore resident and real estate agent for over 25 years. She has listed and sold many properties in the lake community. Her agency is Prudential Holmes and Kennedy in Bedford and her office phone number is 914-234-4590 (x107).

Sandy Katter (cell 914-844-8861; direct office line  914-232-1212 x337) is with Houlihan Lawrence and specializes in the lake communities.  Her email address is  She has lived in the Truesdale Lake community for over 30 years and has sold many houses in the lake neighborhood.

Donna Ganung Ornstein (914-494-7242,, Coldwell Banker Bedford). Donna has lived on the lake for over 35 years and has sold many homes on and around the lake both as a listing and buyer agent.

Laurel Genovese (763-9060) has been selling Real Estate with Houlihan Lawrence in South Salem since 1991.

Ken Sobel ( is a lake area resident.

If anyone has any suggestions, I’d be happy to put them up with your endorsement quote attributed.


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