Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

Continued push for sewer proposal


UPDATE from the Lewisboro Septic/Sewer Working Group which includes residents of Truesdale Lake and the Three Lakes (Waccabuc, Rippowam, Oscaleta) plus Town Board members, other officials, and consulting engineers.

A brief recap: In 2021, the town obtained grant funds for engineering studies on lakes Kitchawan, Truesdale, and Waccabuc. Study results pointed to failing and poorly functioning septic systems as a source of phosphorus pollution to our lakes – and, as you know, phosphorus enables growth of algae and aquatic plants. While well-sited and maintained septic systems can treat waste effectively, sewers, where affordable, will ensure that the waste is properly handled.

Initial wastewater solution With a lot of input from community members, elected officials, and engineers, a preliminary sewer approach was established, sized based on anticipated funding availability of $40M. The plan includes selected parcels on Truesdale, Waccabuc, Rippowam, and Oscaleta lakes. The wastewater treatment plant would be near the current recycling center and highway garage. A collection system will run from the homes, along the roads, to the wastewater treatment plant. After treatment, plant effluent would be discharged into the stream that flows out of Truesdale Lake.

Many steps remain before implementation. The town must be successful in two different grants. The town will reapply for grants in 2024. Additional funding from Westchester County and NYCDEP needs to be approved. The plan requires approval by a host of permitting agencies. Homes that would be in the project must vote in favor.

The draft plan may change for many reasons, including funding availability. It is very exciting to see these proposals moving forward. Stay tuned for more updates.

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