Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

For Sale

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To find properties for sale:

Of the approximately 250 houses in the deeded rights area there are always houses for sale. Check for most up to date information.

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Note: not every house in the Truesdale Lake neighborhood has lake rights. Check the individual property information AND contact the associations to be certain. Do not rely on real estate agents or homeowners for this information since some of them have been known to be wrong in the past — and it is up to the buyer to verify before purchasing because the associations cannot simply add houses to their deeded rights areas.

Listing information

If you are a real estate agent and have a quick, maintenance-free way to feed your listings and/or all deeded lake rights listings to this page via a WordPress plug-in or RSS feed, we would love to hear about it.

We don’t want to have to actively change a page every time there is an update to listings. If you have a way to feed your Truesdale Lake-only listings to us automatically that would be great.

Email us at and we’ll get back in touch to figure out how to do this.