Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

TLPOA Party Notes

TLPOA Party Reservation [Beach Party contact: Diego Trasatti]

  1. Check the beach schedule to see if your time is available and contact the TLPOA contact listed on the schedule.
  2. You may be asked to hire a certified lifeguard depending on the size and ages of attendees. All children’s parties require a lifeguard.
  3. Parties typically are more than two families formally getting together.
  4. TLPOA homeowner/renter of record is liable for damages/lost and must be at the party at all times.
  5. All beach rules must be followed (see Beach Rules). Please ensure your party goers are aware of the TLPOA rules.
  6. All garbage must be removed from the beach.
  7. It is suggested that party requestors put a tablecloth or sign on the table they plan to use just in order to alert people to the party ahead of time and to reserve the spot.
  8. Parties with entertainment (band, speakers, amplifiers) will need to get approval from the Town of Lewisboro and the TLPOA Board.

[NOTE: if any information has changed or needs updating, please contact the website using the ‘Contact Us’ form link to the left.] That is the only way it will get changed.