Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

October 17, 2020
by rob

2020/2021 Truesdale Lake Drawdown to Begin Next Week

With the recent drop in temperature and seeing little to no activity on the lake, we decided to begin the lake drawdown next week.

Depending on the amount of rain we might encounter, the water level should drop quickly over the following 2 weeks. This will allow the exposed mud on the lake bed to compact and help minimize next years weed growth in the shallow parts of the lake

For those with waterfront homes – this is a great time to take advantage of the lower water level to make any repairs, clean up your shore line and remove any fallen trees from the water.

Signs have been placed on either side of the dam indicating where fishing will not be permitted during the drawdown.

There is no fishing permitted from the bridge and between the signs posted on Indian Lane.

TLPOA Lake Management Team – John Gusmano, Ray Morse and Lara Gorton

Website note: There is absolutely NO FISHING allowed in the stream from the north side of the dam and bridge. It is private property. Signs have been placed. Numerous cleanups have been done in the past six months of fishing line and hooks in that stream and the bushes and trees that surround it. Several water birds have been trapped by the crisscrossing discarded fishing line. At least one Great Blue Heron was killed by discarded fishing line.

October 13, 2020
by rob

November 2nd – TEA Fall 2020 Membership Meeting

Fall 2020    Membership Meeting Nov 2nd @ ZOOM Virtual (meeting info available via email, send us a note if you did not get it)

The TEA Annual Fall Membership Meeting is planned for Monday, Nov 2, 2020 via Zoom. If we have your email address, you have gotten the link via email. Meeting will begin at 7:00 p.m.

Contact Rob Cummings to RSVP for the meeting via email for more information and Zoom Meeting Link.


  • President and other Officer reports
  • Treasurer: YTD FY2020-2021 Bud, vs. Act.
  • Beach Report / Lake Committee update
  • Project updates – Lake Drawdown 2020-21
  • Upcoming meeting schedule for coming year.
  • New Officers proposed slate for 2021-22: 
    • President: Rob Cummings, Vice President: Howard Citron, Treasurer: Mike Vellensky, Recording Secretary: Wendy Daniels, Corresponding Secretary: TBD,Sergeant at Arms: Kay Jex. 
    • IMPORTANT: If anyone is interested in the Corresponding Secretary role, let us know

Some helpful links for lake residents new and old:

NOTE: Current TEA Board & Officers Terms will end Dec. 31, 2020 — let us know if you are interested in an officer spot next term. See contact info at the bottom of this newsletter. 

Current TEA Board & Officers 2019-2020 

President: Michael Jackson, Vice President: Wendy Daniels, Treasurer: Ruth Vellensky, Recording Secretary: Howard Citron, Corresponding Secretary: Rob Cummings, Sergeant at Arms: Debbie Fink.    

TEA Board Members

Lisa Capobianco (Beach Chairperson), Glenn Capobianco, Harron Appleman, Melissa Scarlatto, Tom Houlihan, Ira Sanchick, Kathleen Ward Gallagher, Carol Gamez, Mike Vellensky, Kay Jex.

TEA Board – Are you interested in joining?

If you are interested in serving as a TEA officer or board member, please email us at

We are always looking for new ideas and energy to work with our outstanding TEA board members. A BIG Thank you goes out to current board members for your time and service.

What’s Going On

Beach Report

Summer 2020 was a great year for the beach. We started with a socially distanced beach cleanup the week before Labor Day and went all the way through the extended summer with great weather and mostly good water quality.

Photo: cleaning up weeds and spreading sand in May 2020 at the beach clean-up

Lifeguards were on duty over the weekends and many residents took advantage of our beach as an outdoor haven during the pandemic summer when many other outdoor areas were restricted or crowded.

Lake Drawdown Project

We plan to draw down the lake again for the 2020-21 winter. That process will start around mid-October/early November and end in February 2021.

Photo: drawdown shoreline, Oct 2019

Last year we drew the water down THREE feet below spillway level. This year the aim is FOUR feet below spillway. So more lake bottom will be exposed.

Drawdown is explained and will be documented on the lake website here:

Geese Management Program

The Joint Lake Management Committee has organized resident volunteers starting in the early spring to manage the resident Canada goose population on    Truesdale Lake. The program is run in cooperation with the US National Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS).

Photo: Canada geese management program, March 2020

We obtain a permit each year to take a census and oil eggs to control and limit the resident geese population. More information is available here:

Nextdoor Lake Website

There is a useful community website at  where neighbors can discuss lake issues and post other items such as for sale items, local events, questions, and other neighborhood bulletins.

New Beach Boat Rack Built Spring 2020

In the spring of 2020 volunteers got together to build a 6-shelf boat rack for TEA member rental. Seasonal rental is $100/shelf. The shelves can accommodate 2 kayaks or 2 paddle boards, a canoe, a sunfish, or a rowboat. Lower shelves are reserved for heavier boats like sunfish and rowboats.

The existing rack is full and returning TEA renters have right of first refusal for next season. 

We have had some interest in building a SECOND rack. We do have room for one more rack. We will do this if we have FOUR of the six spots committed before building it. We have two TEA members who are committed so far. Price will be $100/season for each shelf. More information:

Ongoing Improvements

If you see anything that needs updating or replacement at the beach or boat launch property, please let us know at

Meeting dates for 2021:

The TEA Spring Membership Meeting will be Monday, April 5th, 2021 location TBD. The board meeting to plan for the membership meeting will be Mon. March 1st, 2021.

The TEA Fall Membership Meeting will be Monday, November 1st, 2021 at location TBD. The board meeting to plan for the membership meeting will be Mon. Oct 4th, 2021.

TEA Map and Other TEA Resources Online

Map available at the website here:

For residents new to the lake, download the TEA Welcome and Information Packet from this location as well. 

*If you are interested in helping volunteering for the board or a specific activity, please email    

Contact Information

Truesdale Estates Association
PO Box 363
South Salem, NY 10590

October 6, 2020
by rob
Comments Off on History: TLPOA Newsletter Archive Gallery

History: TLPOA Newsletter Archive Gallery

Imaged TLPOA Newsletters from 1980 – 2008. Not a complete archive but there are a lot of them!

Towards the end of the Newsletter archive are scans of the original Truesdale Lake sales brochure. The trees were a lot shorter and fewer in number back in the 1930s!

Enjoy dipping your toe in the history of the lake!

If you have any old newsletters or photos, please let us know at and we can scan and post them.

View newsletter gallery in photo album here:

September 29, 2020
by rob
Comments Off on Lake Treatment for Phragmites TODAY 9/29/20

Lake Treatment for Phragmites TODAY 9/29/20

Photo: Pon & Lake Connection fanboat surveying and treating today.

Pond & Lake Connection was out on the lake this morning treating phragmites which are an invasive species of reed that grows along the shoreline. The herbicide used was Clearcast. There are no water usage restrictions.

Phragmites proliferate quickly and grow into the lakebed causing marshy outgrowth and reducing shoreline access. They are particularly bad in the south end of the lake around the TEA beach area where Pond & Lake is concentrating their efforts. Phragmites treatment was also made in selected other spots around the lake. In addition, spot treatments of cutrine for algae control were also made.

Read more about phragmites here:

Thanks – TLPOA Lake Management Team

September 15, 2020
by rob
Comments Off on Truesdale Lake Drawdown 2020-21

Truesdale Lake Drawdown 2020-21

As a part of our continuing lake management plan, we will be drawing down the lake level again this fall to help control weed growth in the spring.

Photo: 2019-2020 siphon installation at the Indian Lane Dam on Truesdale Lake

Pond & Lake Connection will begin installing the siphons at the dam on Thursday, Sept 17 in preparation for lowering the water level in mid to late October to allow time to enjoy the lake for a few more weeks.

The weir boards at the spillway will not be removed as they are used to support the siphon pipes so the water level will not be affected until the draw down begins.

A notice will be sent to the lake community before the draw down begins to alert riparian homeowners to secure or remove floating docks and boats. 

-TLPOA Lake Management – John Gusmano, Ray Morse and Lara Gorton

Photo: October 2019 drawdown shoreline
October 2019 Truesdale Lake drawdown – south end flyover

September 13, 2020
by rob
Comments Off on Skip Secures Summer Sailing Sweep

Skip Secures Summer Sailing Sweep

Skip Jahn put the cherry on the top of his 2020 Truesdale Lake Summer Sunfish season by taking the annual President’s Cup race on Labor Day Monday.

View summer standings here.

Just one day prior to this race, Skip completed the Sunfish Fleet #27 summer series with not only the series championship but also perfect attendance at all 20 summer series races.

Coming in a strong second was Jonathan Rodgers who tipped his cap to Skip. “He had the start figured out most weeks and just wouldn’t give up his lead once he got it.”

Third overall was Fleet Commodore Ira Sanchick who had a slow season start but finished strong. Ira overtook Rob Cummings in the last week to secure the bronze. Rob’s was convinced there were turtles under his boat slowing him down just enough for Ira to get by. Next year Rob plans to befriend the reptiles of the lake and convince them to take his side. Rob shared the perfect attendance award with Skip for 2020.

2020 Final Summer Series Standings and Scores. Full results are here:

Veteran Truesdale sailor Paul Dennis was fifth overall in the Sunrise sail. Rookie sailor Eric Novak came up sixth in the season, earning the “most improved” award which comes with a painting of him sail on the lake. With his new boat and “Mojito” sail he will be ready to get even better next year.

Kevin Hobson represented Ohio State in the red and white sail. New sailors Elizabeth and Paul Amerling had a good introduction to sailing on the lake, with Elizabeth taking second overall in her third race ever. Veteran sailor Bob Branizza recovered from injury to join the fleet late in the season and had some good showings.

The fleet will continue to sail on Sundays in the Fall as long as the weather is good and there is interest. These races are standalone events for fun and good competition. All are invited.

If you have never sailed and/or raced, this is a great time to come out in a non-competitive format to learn some tips and techniques. Email to get in touch.

See you on the lake!

Presidents Cup 2020 Race Results (Labor Day Monday)

  1. Skip
  2. Jonathan
  3. Kevin
  4. Rob
  5. Ira
  6. Paul D
  7. Eric
  8. Bob
  9. Paul A

September 3, 2020
by rob
Comments Off on Labor Day Weekend 2020 – Boating Events

Labor Day Weekend 2020 – Boating Events

Dear Truesdale Lake Residents:

This Labor Day weekend is looking very fine weather-wise. We have three boating events planned for the weekend:

  1. Saturday 9/5 evening – Moonlight Regatta. 
  2. Sunday 9/6 1:30 pm – Final Sunfish Fleet #27 Races of the Summer Series
  3. Monday 9/7 1:30 pm – “The President’s Cup Race” annual event held on Labor Day Monday

More detail below on each event. Come for one, two, or all three!

Saturday 9/5 evening – Moonlight Regatta

Plan to be underway by 7:15 (prep your boats during daylight hours) and arrive mid-lake by 8pm. All ages welcome! 

Due to a slight celestial miscalculation when picking the date, the moon will not rise until 9:15 on 9/5 — but the twilight and lights from watercraft should provide plenty of light to navigate by! And the moon will be rising as boaters are heading back to shore. 

Light up your boats creatively — but not too brightly. Glow sticks, LEDs, lanterns with dimming control, etc. Hang out as long as you’d like and have a socially distant event. Meet new neighbors and reacquaint with old ones.

Save the higher powered lights to help you get back to your launch area afterwards. Please refrain from shining bright lights while gathered. 

Sunday 9/6 1:30 pm – Final Sunfish Fleet #27 Races of the Summer Series

We have had good weather and good to great wind all summer long. The fleet has not missed a sailing Sunday all summer! This coming Sunday is the final week of the 2020 Summer Series. Meet at 1:30pm off of the dock of 43 Truesdale Lake Drive (Fleet Commodore Ira’s dock) where the starting/finishing line is. 

Come out even if you have not raced at all this summer – the more the merrier! We also love getting cheered on from the docks and beach – but sometimes we can’t wave back if the wind is strong and we need both hands to guide the sailboats.

Monday 9/7 1:30 pm – “The President’s Cup Race” annual event held on Labor Day Monday

Labor Day Monday is the traditional Truesdale Lake President’s Cup race. The president’s cup trophy is given to the winner with name engraved. The first engraving on the cup dates back to 1960 so this is a long tradition. Winner gets to keep the cup for a year.

This is a standalone race 2 times around all five Truesdale buoys. Clockwise or counterclockwise is determined by prevailing wind direction that day.

The wind forecast is looking good for both Sunday and Monday with Monday looking like a slightly windier day.

Let me know at if you have any questions.

Thanks & Hope to see you on the lake this Labor Day weekend. 

….Rob Cummings

August 7, 2020
by rob
Comments Off on Mid-Season Sunfish Fleet #27 Race Update

Mid-Season Sunfish Fleet #27 Race Update

Week 5 Recap

Latest race last Sunday saw some gusty wind conditions with lead changes and a brand new racer!

Season Race #9 finish order:

Season Race #10 finish order:

Season standings are here:

Skip is keeping ahold of the overall lead for total points and has taken over the per race average lead. Jonathan is #2 overall in race average and is in the hunt for first overall. Rob, Kevin, Ira, Paul, Eric, and new racer Elizabeth round out the 8 active sailors so far in 2020.

Only the best 10 races count towards season scoring. Once we start dropping races next week things will get more interesting. This is especially true if the later races have more sailors which makes the races have point potential and higher stakes.

All sailors are welcome! Beginners get a 2 minute head start. Course direction and length is determined on Sunday by wind conditions and prevailing direction. 90% of the time the wind is out of the North but that can vary even during the races.

Need a boat? Let us know.. we may have one available. Email

August 7, 2020
by rob
Comments Off on Moonlight Regatta – Saturday, September 5th

Moonlight Regatta – Saturday, September 5th

Come out on the lake during the evening of the (mostly) full moon Saturday September 5, 2020.

Plan to be underway by 7:15 (prep your boats during daylight hours) and arrive mid-lake by 8pm. All ages welcome!

Light up your boats creatively — but not too brightly. Glow sticks, LEDs, lanterns with dimming control, etc.

Hang out as long as you’d like and have a socially distant event.

Meet new neighbors and reacquaint with old ones.

Save the higher powered lights to help you get back to your launch area afterwards. Please refrain from shining bright lights while gathered.

Once people have adjusted to night vision you’d be amazed how well you can see by full moonlight.

Weather dependent — we will still go out with cloud cover but steady rain cancels. Hoping for the same great weather we had for the August event!

Ideas, questions, feedback? Let us all know…

See event and updates on Nextdoor Truesdale and Lake Truesdale Instagram

Image: from – sunrise and sunset times for early september. Plus “nautical twilight” and the other twilights…

More August Moonlight Regatta photos are here.

August 4, 2020
by rob
Comments Off on Lake Treatment Set for August 5, 2020 – Algae Treatment

Lake Treatment Set for August 5, 2020 – Algae Treatment

Video: Pond and Lake Connection Fanboat in July 2020.

A Truesdale Lake algae treatment is scheduled for Wednesday, August 5.

UPDATE: due to road closures from hurricane isaias, lake treatment was moved to August 18.

Pond and Lake Connection will treat the lake with Se-Clear for algae on Wednesday, August 5 (

They will not apply any herbicide so there are no water usage or irrigation restrictions.

Treatment will be focusing on the coves and shallower areas but they expect to treat broadly where needed.

It may take a few days to see the effects of the treatment and treated algae may collect in the coves depending on wind and currents.

As the weather and the lake temperature gets warmer, the conditions are ideal for algae growth.

Algae clumps on the surface of the lake are actually beneficial to the health of the ecosystem. They absorb phosphorus and oxygenate the water. While the floating algae is a nuisance, it helps to prevent a more serious (blue green) algae accumulation in the water column depleting oxygen in the water which can cause harm to the fish and wildlife.

As with weeds, we want to manage the growth of beneficial algae to avoid a more significant problem and maintain a healthy environment for all of us to enjoy our lake.

Lara Gorton, Lake Management Chair