Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

TEA Policy on Unimproved Properties within the TEA

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There are several undeveloped and unbuildable properties within the Truesdale Estates Association boundaries that are not attached to developed properties. See listing of TEA Properties here.

These properties carry lake rights. For these properties, this includes the ability to join the TEA, Inc as a member of the association if invited and approved by the TEA Board per the bylaws enacted in 1957.

Membership and lake access through the Truesdale Estates Association, Inc. properties is not automatic. Anyone interested in these properties should consult the association ( about membership details BEFORE purchasing one of these unbuildable properties.

When a TEA eligible property is purchased by a new owner, the new owner will be invited to join the TEA upon approval of the TEA Board of Directors. The new owner, if approved, must pay their initiation fee plus the assessed dues payment before they are accepted into membership.

Owners who pay their initiation and maintain their regular annual dues every year are eligible for membership in the TEA, Inc. This includes TEA beach membership, lake access through TEA-owned properties, and boat launch property access.

Membership in TEA, Inc. is separate from having TEA lake rights. There are many TEA lake rights properties that have lost access to TEA, Inc. owned properties after being expelled for non-payment.

Note: Multiple households cannot be members through one property. (see note below)

All members must continue to pay annual dues to maintain their membership in TEA as per the TEA Bylaws.

Any member who fails to maintain annual dues payment will be suspended from the association. They will be notified of this suspension via mail and given an opportunity to remedy the suspension.

If a suspended member fails to pay assessed dues in a timely manner, that member will be expelled from the association and unable to rejoin, per the TEA Bylaws. Expelled members will be notified by certified mail of their expulsion and will have 30 days to remedy the situation as outlined in the TEA Bylaws.

Note: these rules are the same for all TEA member owners.

Note: Multiple households cannot be members through one property. Regular Membership consists of only one household. No regular member may extend their membership beyond one household. The TEA will not extend an invitation to a property owner seeking to extend their TEA property via means of a sub-association, partnership, LLC, non-profit organization, government entity, corporate ownership, or any other means. One household per property is the limit on membership.

If a household, once invited and members in good standing, attempts to divide their membership up to more than one household via any means, that member will first be suspended. If the activity continues they will be expelled and all access privileges will be revoked.

The TEA Board has sole discretion for inviting new members per the TEA Bylaws.

If you have questions about any property and whether it is in the original TEA subdivision boundary, please email