Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

Vreeland Property Listing

Updates to come for properties and addresses. If we have left any information or lots out please let us know via the contact us link on the left.

Tax Map-Block-Lot# addressNo streetName developed
  120 Boway  
  112 Boway  
-10810-55   Boway  
-10810-58 124 Boway  
-10810-60 67 Hoyt Street  
-10810-61 69 Hoyt Street  
-10810-64   Boway  
-11172-32 66 Hoyt Street  
-11172-33 66 Hoyt Street U

Marked in red in the map below:

Map of the various associations and riparian properties around Truesdale Lake.

For a very high resolution version of the map above, click here.