Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

Lake Restoration Project Timeline

Our Lake Truesdale has three beaches from two associations and one development.  In addition there are riparian houses along  Lake Shore Drive that are not part of either association. Beaches are on Gilbert Street, owned by the Truesdale Lake Property Owners Association (TLPOA); on Truesdale Lake Drive, owned by the Truesdale Estates Association (TEA); and on Boway, owned by the Vreeland/Lovecross development.  Both boards (TEA, TLPOA) are comprised of volunteers committed to supporting the community and the quality of the lake.

After growing concern over the visible degradation in the shoreline (erosion) and desire to better control lake plants and algae of Lake Truesdale, TLPOA, with assistance from TEA, decided to pursue studies to understand what, if anything, could be done. With the communities’ permission, studies began in 2001 that uncovered several problem (erosion and sedimentation) spots around our lake. This then required the development of engineering plans to fix them.

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Weeds grow on Lake Truesdale, Stormwater and road runoff contribute to sedimentation of lake bottom. Associations treat lake with herbicides to curb weed and algae growth during spring summer months. Lake Treatment permit process becomes increasingly burdensome, expensive, and uncertain.


Growing recognition of the need to document and study the lake and conditions. Initial discussions about forming not-for-profit to manage lake treatment. Some discussion about forming special tax district. Associations learn that extensive study and documentation is required. Focus is shifted to documentation and learning.


Lake Management Committee (comprised of members from TEA and TLPOA) begins Citizen’s Statewide Lake Assessment Program (CSLAP) monitoring, sending observations and samples to the program which uses volunteers to monitor lake health throughout the state.

Summer 2001

TLPOA and TEA jointly commission Land-Tech to prepare initial lake study.

Sept 4, 2001

Land-Tech delivers lake study, notes problem with dam, six stormwater discharge sites around lake.

April 2002

Land-Tech presents results of lake study (Powerpoint version) at South Salem Presbyterian Church in community forum.

Land-Tech commissioned by TLPOA and TEA to produce 2nd study focusing on Dam.

July 11, 2002

Land-Tech delivers results of Dam Study, documents problems related to age of dam and recent damage received during Hurricane Floyd in September 1999, Recommends more expert engineering plans be drawn up to outline exactly what needs to be done with dam.


HTE Northeast is commissioned by TLPOA to produce engineering study of dam (pdf version) and evaluate need for repairs.

Feb 10, 2004


Land-Tech is commissioned by TLPOA to prepare detailed engineering drawings and plans focusing on original six stormwater discharge sites (discussed in initial lake report Sept 2001) around lake.


TLPOA retains Don Rossi, attorney specializing in forming tax districts, to consult and help formulate a plan.

March 22, 2005

Land-Tech delivers engineering drawings focused remediation and repair of the six stormwater discharge sites (and later provides written summaries and preliminary cost estimates) around lake that have the largest impact on sedimentation and nutrient loading.

April 2005

Town becomes involved due to Department of Environmental Protection East of Hudson (DEP EOH) Stormwater grant application. Site walkthroughs for Truesdale Lake stormwater sites.

Sept 2005

Townwide meeting about EOH grant, second walkthrough of 4 sites at Truesdale and several sites around Three Lakes (Waccabuc, Oscaleta, Rippowam). Other Lewisboro lakes are also in attendance at meeting.

November 2005

Follow-up meeting about EOH grant at Lake Katonah Clubhouse. Representatives from 5 lakes around Lewisboro are in attendance as well as Supervisor, Westchester County, and NYC DEP.

Dec 2005

Town applies to DEP for EOH grant money ($312,500) and commits town matching funds (additional $312,500) for townwide lake projects. Truesdale’s projects total approximately $100,000 of the grant money including town matching funds. Grant funds (and town matching funds) must be used and reported to DEP within 5 years of approval.

March 28, 2006

Community Meeting to discuss 5 years of work and effort collectively named the Truesdale Lake Restoration Project.

June 2006

Follow-up Letter to Residents of Proposed Tax District. Addresses frequently asked questions and concerns raised at community meeting on March 28th and afterwards.

June 2006 Frequently Asked Questions List first published (latest update: March 2007).

Late 2006

Lewisboro Lakes Committee formed by Town of Lewisboro to oversee DEP grant money, search out other areas of funding, and assist in implementing best practices lake management throughout the town.

Jan-March 2007 Updates to proposed bill that would begin the process of creating the Truesdale Lake Improvement Tax District. Latest version March 14, 2007.
Mid 2007 NY State Governor Eliot Spitzer declares moratorium on new tax districts in NYS until a study can be completed. Governor Spitzer resigned in March 2008 but his blanket moratorium was kept in place for the next 2 years, effectively putting a stop to the momentum and eventually the project.
2008-present All activity on tax district on indefinite hold. If it ever resumes, we will update this page.
Fall 2009 Site #3 Project begun and completed, mitigating erosion and siltation problems on the east side of Truesdale near the TEA beach. Status reports with photos and drawing excerpts are here: Start, Road Work, Halfway mark, Final Phases. Total cost approximately $180,000. Funding used was combined from Town of Lewisboro highway department and NYC DEP matching grant from the East-of-Hudson (EOH) water quality improvement programs.
Ongoing The Truesdale Lake Management Committee tracks lake water quality and clarity and oversees the Aquatic Plant Management Plan on the lake. In addition it educates residents about reducing waste, phosphorus, nitrogen, cleaning septic tanks, maintaining water gardens, planting shoreline buffers, and reading up on the best way to care for our lake.

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