Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

Boat Sticker Application Online

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Lake Truesdale is frozen now — but before too long it will be boating season again! If you have a new boat or if your existing boat sticker has fallen off, you can use the online form to obtain a new sticker.

Boat stickers are free. Stickers must be on all boats used on the lake, regardless of whether you store it at the boat launch property or on your property.

Members of TLPOA, TEA, Vreeland/Lovecross, and unaffiliated Lake Shore Drive riparian homeowners are eligible for boat permit stickers. All applicants will be checked against the list of current members of the above associations before stickers are sent out.

There are many reasons for requiring boats be registered:

  • Getting your boat back in case of flooding and/or wind. Neighbors who retrieve your windblown boat can contact us to determine who the boat belongs to.
  • Stopping invasive plant and animal species from being introduced into the lake (e.g. watermilfoil, zebra mussels, snakehead fish) when boats are used in more than one lake. (Either clean your boat thoroughly if used in a different lake — or better yet DON’T use your boat in multiple lakes.)
  • Ensuring access to the lake is restricted and private.
  • Eliminating trespassing on private properties.
  • Your boat will be impounded and removed (and sold) from boat launch properties in the future if it does not have a valid Truesdale Lake boat registration sticker.

Thanks for your cooperation with this requirement. It helps ensure the health and the privacy of our lake.

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