Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

Goose Egg Oiling 2024 Update #1

Canada Geese couple guard their nest on Pirate Island.
Canada Geese couple guard their nest on Pirate Island.

Truesdale Lake has obtained a Fish & Wildlife Service federal permit to addle and oil resident Canada Goose eggs. This program has been going in one form or another for over 15 years with a few interruptions. See article for more details.

We have seven residents who are designated on the permit for the program. If you are interested in helping, please contact us at and reference the FWS Permit and the Resident Canada Goose egg program.

April 5th Survey and Actions Taken

Islands from North to South:

Waxwing Island (Northernmost Island in lake) Survey

  • WI-1 – One hidden nest (covered with leaves) of 3 eggs on center of east end the Island. Addled and oiled.

Ant Island (Middle Island, closest to TLPOA Beach)

  • AI-1 – One attended nest of 5 eggs on southeast corner. Addled and oiled.

Pirate Island (Southernmost Island, closest to TEA Beach)

Nest and action details: (numbered Pi# clockwise from landing spot in southeast of island and approximate compass location on island)

  • PI-1 – Northeast – 4 eggs cold – no action – nest abandoned by geese (check later in case nest is cleaned up and re-used)
  • PI-2 – North-northeast – 7 eggs, attended – oiled & addled
  • PI-3 – west – 5 eggs, attended – oiled & addled
  • PI-4 – Northwest inner part of island – 7 eggs, unattended but warm (swan eggs) – left these alone
  • PI-5 – Southwest – 6 eggs, attended – oiled & addled
  • PI-6 – Southeast – 9 eggs, attended by mallard 🦆 – left alone
Comparison of Swan egg to Canada Geese eggs (returned the Swan egg to proper nest)

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