Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

Allied Lake Survey and Treatment Report June 15

img4a27e7d3a3ef2Alkalinity: 115
DO (ppm): 8
Secchi (Visibility in ft.): 8
pH: 8
Temperature(oF): 70
Aquatic Vegetation Species noted: Potamogeton foliosus (Leafy Pondweed)
Algae Species noted: Filamentous Algae
Treatments Conducted: A copper sulfate treatment was conducted on June 15th. Treatment notices were posted around the lake.

(To view pictures of the plants surveyed, go to their website, and click on the Plant Identification tab)

Comments: Leafy Pondweed showing clear signs of senescence at this time. There are no leaves attached to the decomposing
stems. Moderate to heavy filamentous algae growth on the decomposed plant material preventing plants from settling to
lake bottom. Sparse to heavy filamentous algae along most of the shoreline and in the north end from the island north
across the lake. The spillway is blocked, but there is very heavy inflow from the inlet stream.

Click here to download a pdf copy of treatment and survey report. Right-click (control-click on a Mac) and choose “save as…” if you want to save it to your computer.

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