Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

2023 Lake Drawdown Update #3

We received 1.66 inches of rain during the Sunday through Monday morning storm (Dec 10-11). 

As expected, the lake rose 9 inches from that storm with all three siphons flowing well. 

Today, Tuesday 12 DEC, the lake level is 12.5 inches below the spillway ramp.

Here is the gauge with one foot of exposed lakebed in the background.

I raked weeds and leaves and swept the spillway ramp. 

This is what one foot below the spillway ramp looks like.

While I was there, landscaper Victor Flores and his crew were clearing brush from both embankments of the dam.

They finished at 10 am and went over to the boatyard to work on it.

I unsealed the control tower hatch and opened the lid for inspection.

Here is the control tower with the shaved north embankment looking east.

I’ll be here at the lake until 1:30 and available on my cell after that, should the inspectors have any questions I can answer.


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