Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

Notice of Consent 2024 – Annual Notice Sent to Riparian Homeowners

These annual notices were sent via email to all association homeowners as required by New York State law. They are a continuation of our annual lake management program, including treatment, dating back over 50 years undertaken when we engaged Pond & Lake Connection as our new lake manager.

Date of Notice: 24 Jan 2024

Dear Riparian Property Owner:

To control the excessive growth of various aquatic weeds, at Truesdale Lake, The Pond Connection proposes to conduct an application of the aquatic herbicide/algaecide Cutrine Ultra, Green Clean Pro and Nautique.  A copy of these labels can be found at  We anticipate the treatment to occur throughout the summer, only when necessary and will proceed only after the riparian owners obtains a permit for the treatment from the NYSDEC. 

This pesticide application will only occur if sufficient aquatic vegetation is present to warrant treatment and under favorable weather conditions. Prior notification of the exact dates of treatment can be provided by contacting The Pond Connection as listed below.

As an affected riparian owner/user, you have the right to consent or object to the restrictions of water use resulting from the proposed treatment. The water use restrictions associated with use of the above pesticides are below:

  • Swimming and bathing are prohibited for: No Restrictions
  • Fishing and/or fish consumption is prohibited for: No Restrictions
  • Livestock watering is prohibited for: No Restrictions
  • Irrigation or spraying of agricultural crops is prohibited for: No Restrictions
  • Use of water for human consumption is prohibited till: Cutrine Ultra/Nautique: 200ppb, Green Clean: 50ppb Use of water for domestic purposes is prohibited till: Cutrine Ultra/Nautique: 200ppb, Green Clean: 50ppb,

Human consumption and domestic purposes restriction refers to the water body being used as your primary and sole use of water for drinking and culinary purpose.  Potable water use is not incidental contact with the water such as swallowing a mouthful of water while swimming.

You have twenty-one (21) days to respond to this notice. If you wish to object to the proposed treatment(s), please file a written document stating your objection to the proposed treatment and the water use restrictions resulting from the treatment.

Send your comments to the Bureau of Pesticide Management listed below:

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, Region 3
Bureau of Pesticide Management
21 South Putt Corners Rd, New Paltz, NY 12561

If you wish further information about the treatment, or wish information on the exact dates of the pesticide application, please contact the following person:

  • The Pond and Lake Connection, 1112 Federal Road, Brookfield, CT 
  • Name of Contact Person: James Gorman
  • Telephone Number: 845-798-9383  Email:

If you do not respond to this notice, your lack of response will be considered consent to the proposed treatment. If you have any questions on the permitting process, please contact the Department representative listed above.

Pond & Lake Connection fanboat on Lake Truesdale.