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South Salem, New York

Town of Lewisboro Lakes Management Plan [Nearly Ready to be] Published

img492b0ece3a535In August 2007, EcoLogic, LLC entered into an agreement with the Town of Lewisboro via the Lewisboro Lakes Committee to develop a planning document outlining management of the lakes and watershed areas within the Town.

The report will be available here when it is presented and accepted by the committee and the town (around 10Mb pdf file).

The zip file containing the MS Access database used for producing the charts, graphs, and analysis will also be available here. (2.5Mb est zipped size).

Four specific objectives were cited:
• Create a central repository of natural resource data, statistics, and testing data for each of the lakes in the Town;
• Summarize each lake’s water quality and environmental concerns;
• Recommend the most logical, environmentally sound, and cost-effective sequence of projects to improve and maintain water quality throughout the Town;
• Synthesize and collate all the studies on each of the lakes.

Additional data gathering and evaluation tasks were included to meet the overall objectives. This document – Town-Wide Comprehensive Lakes Management Plan – summarizes the water quality and aquatic habitat conditions of seven lakes in the Town of Lewisboro, and recommends measures for their protection and restoration.

Report Organization

The Town-wide Lakes Management Plan is organized in three sections. The first is composed of this introduction, a summary of the environmental settings of the lakes, followed by “Fact Sheets” for each lake. These fact sheets may be used as reference material for the lake associations. The second section discusses the water quality issues on a Town wide basis, identifies the pollutant(s) of concern and their source(s), and identifies reductions needed to meet restoration goals. The third and final section is a synthesis of management options and sets forth recommendations and priority actions for the Town of Lewisboro.

Plan published by EcoLogic, LLC of Cazenovia, NY.


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