Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

No Leaf Pickup for Lake Areas this Fall

img48fe511d034e7The town has discontinued its leaf pickup operations. Unless you have made other arrangements, please do not blow your leaves onto the road, they will not be picked up. Please inform your landscaper (if you use one) of the new town policy.

In the spring there was some town discussion of some alternatives such as special bags sold by the town to homeowners and picked up by a contractor. Check back at the website in a few days for updates and tips on composting leaves on your property.

If anyone knows more details than I do, please click the “Contact Us” link to the left and let me know and I will update the site with the information.

Some websites to check: Making Mulch
Don’t Bag It Leaf Management
Composting Leaves Without A Bin
Hamline University

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