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South Salem, New York

Lewisboro Lakes

Lewisboro Lakes Committee Page

The Town Lake Committee is made up of representatives from the 7 Lakes in town: Truesdale, Waccabuc, Rippowam, Oscaleta, Katonah, Timber, and Kitchawan

The Lakes Committee commissioned a townwide lake study in 2008 that was delivered in a May 2009 Presentation to the Town Board and the Public.

The full presentation is here: Lewisboro Lakes Report Presentation – May 2009 by EcoLogic of Cazenovia, NY (presentation as movie file, presentation as Powerpoint file)

Final Written Report and backup materials delivered to Town Board Feb 6, 2009


Lake Fact sheets:

Activities of the Lakes Committee are expected to include:

Recommending and prioritizing storm water management and other projects which can help the lakes and thus the related downstream NY reservoirs of which the lakes are part of the watershed.

Assisting the Town in securing and administering grants provided by the Town, County, State, Federal or other sources which have been provided for projects or activities directly related to storm water management and the health of the lakes.

Providing education to the residents of the Town, the Town Board, Town Highway Department, and other town committees or Boards relative to improving and protecting the lakes.

Researching “best lake management and protection practices” and providing this information to the residents of the Town, the Town Board, Town Highway Department and other town committees or Boards.

Managing chosen projects including providing the Town with the documentation needed to assist the Town with the financial and reporting commitments required for implementation and periodic updates to ensure that all concerned are apprised of progress with respect to the East of Hudson funding and Water Quality Planning and Implementation funding.

last updated: 5/17/09


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