Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

2023 Lake Drawdown Update #2

Today, December 2nd, the lake level is 15 inches (1.25 feet) below the spillway ramp:

2 NOV: The siphons were installed and started on schedule, but problems were quickly evident when they all shut down – remaining dormant for two weeks while repairs could take place.

13 NOV: The west 12″ siphon was repaired and restarted. It was flowing well. The lake level was 3″ above the spillway ramp.

17 NOV: The center 12″ siphon was lengthened and restarted. The two 12″ siphons were flowing well. The lake level was at the spillway ramp, so drawdown officially began on this date. 

21 NOV: Received 1.41 inches of rain – the first appreciable rain in three dry weeks with only 0.53″ of rain. The lake level was 7″ below the spillway ramp.

26 NOV: Received 1.24 inches of rain. The lake level was 9″ below the spillway ramp.

27 NOV: The east 6″ siphon was repaired and restarted. All three siphons were flowing well. If this siphon shuts down early, it too will need to be lengthened so the discharge elbow rests on the lakebed in order to provide the maximum vertical distance and pressure differential.

30 NOV: All siphons were flowing. The total rainfall for November was 3.20 inches. This is below average. (The 30-year PRISM average for November is 3.90 inches.) 

Rainfall averages during drawdown months:

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