Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

Weir Board Removal for Winter 2021-22

Announced to the TLPOA email list yesterday. Since this affects all lakefront property owners, we are announcing it here as well:

“To prevent flooding from this week’s impending storms, we are removing the weir board from the dam tomorrow, October 25th.

Over the coming days, the lake will reach its winter level, where it will stay until spring.”

There will be no siphon drawdown for this winter. The Truesdale Lake Management Committee in conjunction with our lake management company, Pond & Lake Connection, believes the drawdown program achieves best results when it is used in alternate years.

The Truesdale Lake Dam spillway shown from underneath the road. The weir board is in place in this photo and will be removed Oct 25, 2021. This will lower the lake level to the height of the spillway. The weir board is 14″ tall so the lake level will lower approximately 14″ from the summer height. This height will vary constantly based on rainfall, outflow, and evaporation.
Update: Later in the day Oct 25 – weir board has been removed and water flows rapidly over the spillway.

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