Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

Spring 2021 TLPOA Newsletter

Screen shot from page 1 of the Spring 2021 TLPOA newsletter

The TLPOA Spring 2021 newsletter is available to download here.

The topics included in this newsletter include:

  • Amended Bylaws
  • Water Corporation Update
  • e-Mail Billing
  • Branch & Twig Pick-up
  • Our Beach Opens!
  • Sandcastle Competition
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Family Movie Night
  • End of School Summer Party
  • July 4th Bike Parade
  • BYO at Sundown at the Beach
  • Social Club Stroll
  • Water Quality Report
  • Fishing Tags Issued
  • New and Returning Residents
  • Lake Management
  • Winter Drawdown Results
  • Front Entrance Improvement
  • Tips on Trees and Lawn Care
  • Tackling Our Resident Geese
  • Boat Auction – TBD
  • Truesdale Lake History Corner

TLPOA President’s Message

Words cannot describe how happy I am that spring is finally here (sort of) and things are somewhat getting back to normal. Hope this newsletter finds everyone happy and healthy and looking forward to a great season on the lake!

Wanted to take my space in the newsletter to catch everyone up on some items and what we have planned for the spring and summer.

First a quick recap of the Association Special Meeting held on March 25th via Zoom. 46 homes attended the meeting which might be an all-time high, and that is great. But that also means 106 homes did not attend. We would love to have as many owners as possible attend so everyone is involved in decisions made on their behalf and can have some input on items presented during the meetings.

Items presented and voted on were:

  • Amendments to the Bylaws which were presented and approved 46 to 0
  • Water Corporation update and the new 5-year step increase was approved 46 to 0
  • Association update and long- range projects and $55 increase to annual dues approved 44 to 2
  • Sale of part of paper road was tabled until June Association Meeting when full legal agreement can be reviewed
  • Approval to put up for sale 3 unused properties to raise capital for future Dam repair and maintenance was passed 42 to 3

We believe that the new electronic billing system that was utilized for the January Water Corporation meter reading and February water bill was a huge success and we received significant positive feedback on the ease of use and communications. Here are some couple of data points we thought would be interesting to know:

know of 147 homes on the water system:

  • 125 got their meter reading in on time
  • 18 took a little prompting to get them to get it in
  • 4 are still outstanding due to not being physically at their home
  • 12 requested paper bills when bills went out
  • 130 homes paid their bill online or sent in a check by the Due Date
  • 15 homes paid their bill after some extra communication and prompting from us
  • 2 are multiple years in arrears and slated to have their water shut off this month

While we are happy with how it went, we ask that everyone be mindful of your community volunteers time and energy and get in your meter readings and payments on time.

In this newsletter you will see what we have planned for the Spring and Summer 2021! Our volunteers have put together a great many events and projects so be on the lookout for emails and notices.

The TLPOA Board and I really hope folks will come out and enjoy what our great neighborhood has to offer!

Nick Fiegoli

Check the PDF version for the complete newsletter.

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