Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

Lake Rights vs. Lake Access

Recently there has been news of two vacant properties for sale by the town that carry lake rights to Truesdale Lake.

Here is the statement read to the Lewisboro Town Board during public comment period on July 26, 2021:

“Tonight I am speaking about Lake Rights vs. Lake Access. Specifically lake rights to Truesdale Lake through the Truesdale Estates Association, Inc. owned properties.

Our association (TEA, Inc.) is a homeowner association corporation owning the TEA beach, the TEA boat launch, and the entire 83 acre lake bottom.

The TEA, Inc. can only invite property owners from the original TEA, Inc. subdivision to become members. (See map on the Truesdale lake website.)

A few weeks ago the Town Board voted to sell two properties it owns. These two parcels are in the original subdivision of TEA, Inc. and new owners of these properties are eligible to be invited to become members in the TEA, Inc.

Some important points:

  1. Lake Rights are not the same thing as Lake Access.
  2. TEA, Inc. lake access is only for TEA members in good standing.
  3. In order to become a member and maintain membership in good standing, a new owner must:
    • Be invited by the TEA Inc. Board
    • Pay membership initiation fee plus assessed dues
    • Continue to pay annual dues payments
  4. Failure to pay annual dues results in 1.) membership suspension, then 2.) membership expulsion if dues are not paid.
  5. Any member who is expelled cannot rejoin.
  6. One household per property is the limit on membership. The TEA will not extend a membership invitation to a property owner seeking to extend their property to more than one household via a sub-association, partnership, LLC, non-profit organization, government entity, corporate ownership, or any other means.

If you are looking for more information, please send us an email at with specific questions.

Thank you.”

EDIT: someone asked why I posted this. With all of the “Lake Rights property for sale” talk I wanted to balance it out with the reality about Lake Responsibilities. If someone wants to join our community in this way, we’d prefer they know about the financial responsibilities that come with our membership and lake stewardship. Buying a vacant parcel that has lake rights is not a free ride into our lake community. It is an introduction. We welcome and wish any purchaser the best, but the TEA is made up of members committed to the lake and its health and we expect any new members to take the responsibility seriously.

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