Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

2020/2021 Truesdale Lake Drawdown to Begin Next Week

Photo: exposed tree stumps left behind are revealed during the 2019 drawdown. The stumps date from 1929 when the stream was dammed and the lake was formed. These trees were cut down but the stumps were not removed and they remain in the south end of Lake Truesdale nearly 100 years later.

With the recent drop in temperature and seeing little to no activity on the lake, we decided to begin the lake drawdown next week.

Depending on the amount of rain we might encounter, the water level should drop quickly over the following 2 weeks. This will allow the exposed mud on the lake bed to compact and help minimize next years weed growth in the shallow parts of the lake

For those with waterfront homes – this is a great time to take advantage of the lower water level to make any repairs, clean up your shore line and remove any fallen trees from the water.

If you have not seen a drawdown or want to refresh your memory, check this kayak-level view of the drawdown and the secrets it exposed in 2019. (Photos by Rob Cummings, Sept 2019)

Signs have been placed on either side of the dam indicating where fishing will not be permitted during the drawdown.

There is no fishing permitted from the bridge and between the signs posted on Indian Lane.

TLPOA Lake Management Team – John Gusmano, Ray Morse and Lara Gorton

Website note: There is absolutely NO FISHING allowed in the stream from the north side of the dam and bridge. It is private property. Signs have been placed. Numerous cleanups have been done in the past six months of fishing line and hooks in that stream and the bushes and trees that surround it. Several water birds have been trapped by the crisscrossing discarded fishing line. At least one Great Blue Heron was killed by discarded fishing line.

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