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TLPOA Governing Board Nominations July 2020

TLPOA Governing Board Nominations July 2020

Note: this went out via email to the TLPOA email list. Posting here for reference and wider access.

The following slate of Truesdale Lake Property Owners Association (TLPOA) Governing Board nominations are proposed by the TLPOA Nominating Committee consisting of Lara Gorton, Melissa Goble, and Bob Persichette as stipulated by the TLPOA bylaws Article VII Section 4.

Full bylaws can be found on the Truesdale Lake website at the following link

Nominees were selected from TLPOA members who volunteered to join the board. They were interviewed by the current board members and the Nominating Committee where roles were discussed and agreed upon by all parties.

You must be a member in good standing in TLPOA to be nominated for the board and to register your vote. If you are not sure of your status, please contact Ted Bloch at

Voting for the Governing Board can be done via proxy at the following link It may be difficult to vote via the virtual meeting so please send a proxy to ensure your vote is counted. If you have already voted and want to change your vote, we will register your most recent vote.

TLPOA Officer Nominations

President of the Board – Nick Fiegoli

Nick Fiegoli (President) has been a member of the community for over 18 years with his wife and three sons. Nick was previously on the board (2006 – 2011) as treasurer and has helped out on many neighborhood projects and special tasks over the years.  Nick has coached all three of his kids’ Lewisboro sport teams over the years and is often seen walking and jogging through the neighborhood with his yellow lab Kara. Nick is a Partner and Managing Director of a multi- billion-dollar global wealth management firm managing a portion of the firm’s assets as Portfolio Manager and overseeing the relationships of a number of high net worth families and corporate entities.

Vice President – Lara Gorton

Lara Gorton (Vice President) has been a TLPOA member since 2008 and a full-time resident at the lake since 2010. In 2011, her dog Agnes joined the Truesdale Lake community and introduced Lara to all of her neighbors. Lara has served as the Lake Management chair for the TLPOA board for 6 years with a goal of improving the quality and enjoyment of our lake while restoring a more sustainable balance to the lake ecosystem.  

Treasurer – Ted Bloch

Ted Bloch (Treasurer) and his wife Lisa have been living at 10 Bouton St. for 26 years. They have one son Daniel, age 26, who is an up and coming alt-rock musician. Ted, now retired, had a long career in information technology for financial service companies. Lisa serves as a social worker for a local hospice. Ted and Lisa look forward to living in this beautiful, friendly community for many more years.  

Secretary – Jen Bruch

Jen Bruch (Secretary) has lived on Lake Truesdale for over 16 years and she has served as Secretary of the TLPOA Board since 2017.  She resides at 7 Hoyt Street with her husband, two teenage children and rescue dog.  Jen is enthusiastic about the progress the Board has made on improving the quality of the Lake and she looks forward to working with the new Board members on further improvements including neighborhood engagement and communications.  Professionally, Jen is an HR exec at a global technology company where she oversees all talent and culture-related initiatives for 1000 employees.  In her spare time, she can often be seen around the lake walking her dog or gardening in her yard.

Non-Office Holding Member Nominations

Water System Commissioner – Lucille Munz

I am a Lake Truesdale resident since November 2009 and live on upper Hoyt Street with my husband Cliff Munz, son Clifford Jr. who is a senior at SUNY Maritime and our dog Ted.  Our daughter currently lives in Denver Colorado with her fiancé.

I am a New York State licensed Landscape Architect currently working for an engineering firm in Armonk NY.  I have over 30 year of construction and site management experience, which includes working for Westchester County Planning Department for nearly 10 years, then for 11 years for the Westchester County Department of Public Works in the Real Estate Division, where I managed a non-profit farm and education Center called Hilltop Hanover Farm in Yorktown Heights.

My tenure at the farm included budgeting, and management of many capital improvement projects, including the reactivation of 3 former wells for crop irrigation.  In addition, to facility management I worked with the non-profit board at the farm as the Executive Director/Farm Manager.  I have also maintained a small private practice where I previously served as Landscape advisor to the Planning Boards for Tarrytown, Irvington and Hastings.

We feel very privileged to live here on Lake Truesdale, and now that my children are grown, I have time to dedicate to help my community and would welcome the opportunity to serve on the Lake Truesdale Board.  I love where I live and want to help preserve, enhance, and protect our beautiful neighborhood and lake.

Lake Management Lead – John Gusmano

I’ve enjoyed the lake for 25 years with my wife, two boys and two dogs. Our house is literally 26’ from the water. Having spent 10 years on the Lewisboro Planning board and recently retired from Estee Lauder I have the time and experience to give back to our association. I look forward to working on the board. 

Beach Manager – Martin Rozario

Martin Rozario resides across from Gilbert Street beach with his wife and two children. Martin moved to Truesdale Lake two years ago from Astoria, Queens. The Rozario’s immediately fell in love with the Truesdale Lake Community and with the surrounding beautiful area. Martin is joining the board to help the TLPOA community thrive and help upkeep the beach. 

Social Events Lead – Meghan Crystal

Meghan Crystal is interested in joining the TLPOA board as Social Director. After living in Colorado for over a decade, she moved to Lake Truesdale about five years ago with her husband and son.

Meghan takes great pride in her neighborhood! Her passion for bringing people together stems from her desire for her son to have a magical and memorable childhood. She believes the lake is a very special and valuable resource that offers so many opportunities for fun!

Outside of the board, Meghan holds a master’s degree in environmental law and Policy from the University of Denver Sturm College of Law. She is a retired Division 1 athlete and avid bird watcher! You will usually find Meghan running, biking and paddle-boarding the lake!

Roads & Grounds Lead – Sue Gerry

Sue Gerry has lived on Indian Lane with her daughter and two dogs since 2016. Sue grew up on a lake in Massachusetts and is now grateful to be a part of the Truesdale Lake community and the lifestyle it offers for her family. Sue has an extensive background in public service in Westchester County, with roles on many local and regional boards in her professional capacity. In joining the TLPOA board, Sue hopes to assist in promoting the quality of life of her neighbors and our TLPOA community.  

New Member Admissions Lead – Jill Wishner

Jill and her husband Jerry have lived on Lake Truesdale for 13 years. Jill is a registered nurse, a substitute teacher at the Katonah Lewisboro School District and works part-time at CareMount Medical. Jill and Jerry love living on the lake especially in this beautiful summer weather. They really appreciated the welcome they received from Barbara Cohen when they joined the community and through that they’ve made long-time friends.

Community Relations Lead – Clare Panno

I’ve raised four kids and a crazy husky on beautiful Lake Truesdale over the last 16 years. I survived the daily commute to the wilds of NYC, and my husband and I are now in semi-retirement. I am ready and engaged to support my community through various outreach activities and initiatives. My work in product management supported my journey from California to New York. Having lived in other lake communities, I’ve had the opportunity to organize, attend and present at business, community, and neighborhood group meetings regarding a multitude of projects, and research the impacts of specific initiatives. During this time of change, I can bring leadership, organization and process-implementation experience to the board. 

Member at Large – Daniela Tuhoy

Daniela Tuohy has lived on Lake Shore Drive for 14 years and has been on the TLPOA Board serving as Roads and Grounds Director for the past 10 years.  Daniela has a 16 year-old son who is a Junior at John Jay High School.  Daniela is a Senior Assistant County Attorney for the County of Westchester and is a member of the Town of Lewisboro Zoning Board of Appeals.

Member at Large – Ray Morse

Since moving on Lake Truesdale 47 years ago I served on the TLPOA board and served on the Lake Management committee for a number of years. While serving on the Lake Management I had responsibility for maintaining the dam. My work on the dam and on the Lake Management committee has given me firsthand knowledge about the nature of our lake the issues we have had with maintaining the lake. 

I have more time now than I did a few years ago. I have been retired for 33 years and plan to stay in our house on the lake. I am in good health and would like to get back to being more involved in the lake activities.

I plan to spend the rest of my life on the lake and participate in its activities. In addition to the activities listed above I have sailed and raced my sunfish and fished (including ice fishing) on the lake for 40+ years. 

Truesdale Lake is a vital asset for all us and for the Town, and I would like to help keep it that way and even improve it where necessary.

Map of the TLPOA households. Link to more information on TLPOA is here:

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