Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

Has Lake Truesdale Sprung a Leak?

That was the question we got through email from a local resident.

Thankfully there is no leak — just the very quick effects of the planned drawdown project that was successfully re-engineered by volunteers and Pond & Lake Connection after meeting up with several points of failure last season in the initial trial.

Scot Evans reports: “Today at noon (drawdown day #8) a total of three feet [of water] have been pulled out of the lake. We are now 2 feet below the spillway height with one foot to go which will occur on Saturday 9/21 if both siphons continue operating.”

Truesdale spillway with two 12″ siphon pipes and one 6″ siphon pipe. No pumping, just gravity drawing the water down over the spillway and dam. (photo by Scot Evans)

The drawdown will last until February 1, 2020 – that’s when we will turn off the maintenance pipe. This is the smaller 6″ pipe which we will use to try to keep the lake level 2.5 – 3 feet below the spillway level.

After then the lake will fill up with winter snowmelt and spring rain. We anticipate it will be back to regular height by May 1, 2020 and likely well before then.

Check for more timely updates and post there if you have questions.

The TEA beach showing the lowered lake level. Currently 2 feet below spillway height and dropping. (photo by Rob Cummings)

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