Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

Drawdown: Report 1

These are some of the email reports and communications from Scot Evans from Truesdale Lake, James Gorman from Pond & Lake Connection, and others involved with the project. Putting selected parts up here for all to see what some of the discussion and learning is looking like.

September 16, 2019

The 6” prototype “helper” siphon shut down today after sucking in air through a whirlpool that developed over its shallow intake tube which is now exposed. No big deal since we are well ahead of schedule during this nice drought we’re having. (See bottom photo.)

View from the west looking east at the spillway with the three siphon pipes installed and water level approximately 1 foot below spillway height.

The siphons have expelled 2.5 feet total and the lake level is now 1.5 feet below the spillway. 

The 12” pipes are still flowing well. The east side pipe has a buckled Fernco fitting near the fill-Tee and the hose clamp has come off of the distal pipe’s lower end as shown in the photo, which I took the day after you energized the siphons. The intense suction has compressed the fitting and the seal is still good. Also, no big deal yet and no need to reposition it or double up on the hose clamps until it shuts down. 

buckled Fernco fitting near the fill-Tee and the hose clamp has come off of the distal pipe’s lower end

When your guys need to climb down, I made steps below the southeast guardrail where it meets the wood beams of the bridge over the siphon intakes. (Where the angled concrete training wall is visible in the second photo above.) I also took a scraper and brush to the spillway’s horizontal deck, so it is clean and not slippery. I marked the painful low hanging bolts under the bridge with ribbon so they don’t prang their heads or shoulders.

So all’s well and no need to do anything yet. I’ll let you know if/when that suction compressed Fernco fitting separates from the tube. 


Good news. Thanks for the updates.
I was thinking for the 6” helper…since we should always have water leaving the lake should I add some pipe to that so when the big guys stop water is leaving?

Something to think about. I can do it later in the month but would be nice to do before the water gets real cold.


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