Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

Treatment Report August 12

DSC_8839-X3Allied Biological was out at 7am yesterday morning (8/12) for survey and then treatment. After a few weeks of stymied treatment attempts due to weather and water conditions, the latest one was successful. Excerpt below in text, full report image also attached.

“Heavy density unicellular algae throughout the water column, and across portions of the lake surface.  Areas of concentrated unicellular algae also windblown into areas of the shoreline edge. No submersed plant growth observed at this time. White water lilies growing a few areas of the lake.

Copper Sulfate was applied for unicellular algae control.  Treatment notices were posted at the beaches.  Water use restrictions are 24 hours for swimming and livestock watering.”

Earliest possible next treatment will be at least 2 weeks from yesterday (August 26th) due to NYS lake treatment regulations.

Screenshot 8:13:15, 12:45 PM

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