Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

Truesdale Lake Treatment Update – 2015-07-30

cropped-turtles_in_cove.jpgNote from David Sachs, TLPOA President (via Nextdoor Truesdale):

Good morning to you all. As many of you know, treating the lake is a complex business, and sometimes we are unable to treat it even when we are ready, willing and eager to do so. After the treatment this past Tuesday (July 28) was cancelled, we conferred with Allied Biological – the firm that manages the actual treatments – and also with the NYSDEC to get an expedited treatment for today. After many phone calls between Allied, NYSDEC and us, expedited permission was granted (usually you have to wait a full week, or sometimes two, between treatments). Allied was supposed to treat today – and we took a number of Secchi readings (indicators of lake clarity) to help. Allied had someone here on the lake at 7 a.m. this morning. Sadly, here is what we were told:

“Jeff was on the lake at 7:00 this morning. Secchi measured at 13 inches (too low) throughout the lake and the dissolved oxygen reading was 16 (too high). Treatment cannot be conducted at these measurements. NYSDEC has been notified that the next visit is scheduled for Tuesday 8/4.”

There is nothing else that we or they can do at this time; this is clearly a bad combination of Mother Nature, NYSDEC rules, and the current condition of the lake. A good thunderstorm might help a bit…

Take care.



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