Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

Remaining Algae Treatments for Summer 2015

cropped-swans_heart_necks.jpgWe currently have 3 more algae treatments scheduled for this summer: July 28, August 11, and August 25 (all Tuesdays).

All treatments are dependent on lake condition and weather. NY State does not allow us to treat more frequently than every two weeks so if any of these are postponed due to weather or other conditions that will affect the treatment schedule after that date.

A condition that would postpone algae treatment would be a measurement showing critical dissolved oxygen levels too low. Algae treatment could lower them further and affect the fish population. Another condition that would postpone treatment would be heavy rain (forecast, on treatment day, or before treatment day) that would not allow us to impound the lake water for the required holding period.

We will update the site with Allied’s survey and treatment reports as we receive them.

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