Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

June 18th – TLPOA Annual Meeting plus Combined Lakewide Meeting Afterwards

From David Sachs, TLPOA President (respond or comment at Nextdoor Truesdale site here):

“Good morning to you all. I hope that you had a chance to enjoy this beautiful weekend. The TLPOA raft is back in place (thanks Skip and Jay!) and people were already using the beach yesterday – which is just great. And, we are planning to have our TLPOA ANNUAL MEETING at the White Church – from 7 – 8 p.m. on Thursday June 18 – one month from today.

Then we will have a COMBINED TLPOA AND TEA meeting that will focus on the lake, from 8:15 until about 9:30pm. There will be a presentation about the work that has been done about the lake during this past winter, and we will provide an update about the treatment of the lake for this summer. [link to presentation from September 2014]

All TLPOA and TEA members are invited to the meeting beginning at 8:15.

The first meeting, from 7 – 8 will be for TLPOA members only.

Looks like Memorial Day Weekend should be quite beautiful, giving all of us a chance to enjoy it outdoors. Have a great day. -David”

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