Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

Treatments May 14th and May 28th

Allied Biological Captain and Crew on their lake treatment mission.

Allied Biological Captain and Crew on their lake treatment mission.

Allied is planning to treat the lake with Aquathol K for weeds this Thursday, May 14th (weather permitting). We will leave the lake level low until Thursday since it will have to be held in for 14 days after treatment. This will maximize the effectiveness of the treatment by not letting the treatment out of the lake before it has a chance to act. This means on May 14th we will be putting the boards in the dam to raise the lake level to summer heights.

Christian Jenne’s survey last week showed lake temps around 70 degrees and very little oxygen at the bottom indicating a potential for algae growth. Christian is a Masters in Lake Management candidate at SUNY Oneonta and Truesdale is one of the Lakes he is studying over his time in the program. It is possible to pre-treat for algae to get ahead of it during the season if the conditions point to a possible bloom.

Allied can only do one treatment at a time and must wait 14 days between the Aquathol and copper sulfate (algae) treatments. If the algae does present a problem earlier, we can treat with Green Clean Pro as soon as 7 days after the Aquathol treatment.

Bottom line: Herbicide treatment is scheduled for May 14th and algae treatment scheduled for May 28th – both treatments require a 24 hour restriction on swimming.

Note: The May 14th treatment is an herbicide so if your lawn irrigation system draws water from the lake please turn it off for 14 days following the Aquathol K treatment (unless you want to kill your lawn).

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