Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

Fishing at Truesdale Lake

img4845ec98dfa22[Note: This is a snippet from the “Fishing” information at the lake website.]

Fishing at Lake Truesdale

Truesdale Lake is a private lake with no public access allowed. All fishing access is either from private property, docks, or registered boats.

There are some good size largemouth & smallmouth bass, crappies, perch, and sunfish in the lake. There have been a few pickerel and pike caught over the years. Ice fishing can very productive and fun. Anglers mainly catch perch during the winter. Fish life is abundant at the lake and residents have much success with many different types of bait and lures.

If you see someone fishing from a boat without the proper lake permit sticker — and determine they are not a resident with access to the lake — please inform them politely that they are trespassing and they should leave. If they do not leave, try to determine where they came in and if they have a car. Jot down the license plate number if they have a car and call the Lewisboro Police and report the trespass. The Police can take it from there.

Why so unwelcoming? Shouldn’t we live and let fish?

The fact is we already pay tens of thousands of dollars a year to control invasive plants on the lake. Having illegal boats trespassing on the lake brings the very real possibility of introducing more invasives (plant and animal) into the Truesdale Lake ecosystem. It may sound harsh, but so is an extra ten thousand dollars needed to eradicate a new invasive and destructive plant species not seen before in the lake.

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