Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

Jack Fles Reclaims the President’s Cup

img431f507214d75Truesdale Lake, Sept 5th, 2005 – Jack Fles won the 2005 Truesdale Lake Fleet #27 President’s Cup Race, holding off four other sailors: Vi Patek, Skip Jahn, Ira Sanchick, and Rob Cummings.

The wind was all over the place, switching from North to West to South then back to North. Conditions made for a close race — but mostly for second place as Jack stretched his lead throughout the race.

img431f5083c4e1eLast year’s cup winner Ira Sanchick sailed with high hopes of “lighting striking twice” but gracefully passed the cup back to Jack at the end of the race. The cup will resume it’s spot on the Fles’ mantle where it has resided off and on for many seasons.

Next Sunday, weather and attendance permitting, we will hold some informal Fall Races starting at 2PM. Novice and experienced sailors are encouraged to come. It’s a great time to hone your skills or race for the first time in a friendly atmosphere.

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