Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

Sunfish Summer 2005 Racing Season Has Two More Weekends Left!


If you are interested in Sunfish sailing, check out the Summer Race Series the next two Sundays at Truesdale Lake.

The fleet meets at 2PM at the starting line which is across from the Gilbert Street Beach. Two official races take place each of 10 Sundays during the summer unless there is lightning. For Details about the series and rules, click here.

Currently Mark Patek leads in the points race, but Jack Fles is not far behind. The next two weeks will determine the Summer Race Series Champion.

Spectators are welcome and encouraged, especially if they have cameras and submit photos or video to this website! A good place to catch the action is from the Gilbert Street Beach which has a good view of the start and finish line.

BONUS: Each Labor Day Monday, Fleet #27 hosts “The President’s Cup” race. Course is 2x around the long course, winner takes the cup. Last year’s winner Ira Sanchick will be on hand to defend his title.

If there is sufficient interest, races will continue with a Fall Race Series. Check back here for details.


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