Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

Green Lawns, Blue Waters – How to Care For Your Lawns and The Lake

A website dedicated to keeping lakes healthy, called Green Lawns, Blue Waters was recently brought to our attention by longtime lake resident Mark Patek.

The site has information on phosphorus, nitrogen, phosphorus-free fertilizer, pet waste, and many other topics of interest to lake area homeowners.

Some sample information from the site:

Being environmentally conscientious doesn’t mean your lawn can’t look good—besides, it is nitrogen that makes grass green, not phosphorus. While phosphorus is necessary to grow healthy lawns, most soils already have a sufficient amount. In these cases, adding more fertilizer is not needed and will not benefit your lawn.


A soil test will tell you if you need to fertilize, what type of fertilizer to use and the amount your lawn needs. This test can save you money and time. More importantly, it will keep fertilizer out of lakes and streams where they help foul the water.

The site also has a useful index of sites to visit for further information here:

Some other tips include not fertilizing before a rainstorm – since your hard work will end up in the lake fertilizing the weeds! I have seen people around our lake doing just that and tried to explain to them what harm they may unknowingly be causing.

Visit the site for more helpful information!

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