Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

Aqua Cleaner Vacuums up Weeds & Debris



Recently the Lake Management Committee sent a letter to all riparian homeowners at Truesdale Lake.

The letter notified homeowners about :

1.) The Aqua Cleaner service offered by Univeral Water Solutions of Rochester, NY. The Aqua Cleaner Service is essentially a vacuum which cleans up weeds and debris. The complete brochure is available here, or visit the downloads section.

2.) A service offered by Allied Biological, the company that treats our lake, where they can plant waterfront-friendly plants along your lakeshore.

Click on the links above to get the documents or visit our downloads section (Lake Management subsection) to download and read the information.

From the letter:


Universal Water Solutions will offer any Riparian Property owner on Truesdale Lake a special rate if you contact them before June 1st. Also, you can get special rates if adjacent property owners agree to have them perform the service at the same time.

We will continue to treat the lake for weeds, but as most of you are aware the treatment does not always eliminate all the weed growth, especially along the shore lines.

If you are interested in this service please contact Universal Water Solutions directly.

In addition to the above, Allied Biological, Inc., the company that has been treating our lake for a number of years, has a special offer for riparian property owners. For $995 they will plant approximately 100 feet of shoreline with a mixture of native, flowering, herbaceous plants. This includes both in water and at/above waterline plantings. These plantings will protect the lake. The price is good through June 15th. If you would like more information regarding this offer contact Gary Struve at 763-9302.

Presented by Truesdale Lake Management Committee

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