Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

January 1, 2016
by rob
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Welcome 2016! Some Lake Resolutions for the New Year

Some Lake Stewardship Resolutions for the new year (links to help with each resolution are on the website version linked at bottom):

1. I will get my septic tank pumped and inspected. If the tank baffles are missing or damaged, I’ll have them replaced. (Kaiser-Battistone offers 15% discount for lake area residents – but you have to tell them about the discount!)
2. I will “overseed” my lawn rather than spread fertilizer or pesticides. I’ll tell my lawn service – or myself – to cut my grass high and leave the clippings on the lawn. If I think fertilizer is needed, I’ll use phosphate-free fertilizer since it’s the law. I will also tell my lawn care company that it is illegal in Westchester County to use phosphate based fertilizer unless extensive testing has been done on the soil – and even then only on a limited basis and never within 20 feet of the lake.
3. If I live on the lake, I’ll plant a “buffer” of native plants to slow the flow of rainwater or stormwater (and the pollutants and nutrients it carries) into the lake. I’ll pull up some invasive plants and plant some native ones.
4. I’ll pick up after my pets and throw their poop into the trash.
5. This year I’ll make sure no oil or gas from my mower or car spills on the ground or into the lake…. (MORE AT LINK!)
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