Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

2023 Lake Drawdown Update #1

From Scot Evans:

Lucille Munz took my hand-drawn siphon design and converted it to AutoCAD. The design and the changes made are attached here as a pdf. 

James Gorman made many of these changes without having the new diagram and he has made several field modifications, which are currently working. So, I added “Notes” in paragraphs 4. and 5. in the upper left frame to accommodate the modifications made by James. See Notes wording I used “… at P&LC discretion.”

James extended the horizontal segments and built an ingenious support frame while turning the intake segments downward at 90° and this is working so far. 

He also extended the discharge segment to the center 12” siphon as requested and he may extend the east side 6” siphon if it shuts down early. (Extension down to the river bed increases the vertical elevation differential between the intake port and the discharge base.)

All three siphons are now flowing and the lake level is 10 inches below the spillway ramp.  I’ll send out another drawdown report to the Boards on DEC 1st. 

Thank you Lucille and James for all of these progressive improvements!

[For more information about the lake drawdown, check the Lake Drawdown page]

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