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Two More Full Moons for Summer 2023

Summer Full Moon #1 of 3

The July 3 full moon was not really visible this summer.

The July full moon is typically known as “The Buck Moon” is also known as “The Thunder Moon.” It certainly lived up to that name this summer, as an alternately cloudy, rainy, and sunny humid day ended with a bang between 7-9pm with a pretty typical July thunderstorm. Plans for the July 3 Moonlight regatta sadly had to be shelved.

The good news is there are TWO MORE full moons this summer.

Summer Full Moon #2 of 3

The next one, August 1st (known as “The Sturgeon Moon,” “The Grain Moon,” or “The Red Moon”), happens on a Tuesday night. That’s not so great for the evening plans of many people. But the moon will be 7/8ths full on the Saturday night before then — July 29th!

Again — Weather Permitting — let’s meet for a second try at the 2023 moonlight regatta in the middle of the lake the evening of Saturday July 29th.

See the Moonlight page for details: on what to do and what to expect.

Summer Full Moon #3 of 3

We mentioned there is another full moon this summer – and the third one is a special one.

Happening on August 30th, it will be the second full moon in the month of August. Since the Sturgeon Moon name is taken, there is a term for the second full moon of any month: The Blue Moon. (as in “Once in a Blue Moon”). Blue moons happen once every 2 1/2 – 3 years. And Summer Blue Moons are even more rare.

Since August 30th is a Wednesday (and a rather inconvenient time for an evening regatta) we can have a third try at the 2023 Truesdale “7/8ths blue moon regatta” on the Saturday evening before then – August 26th. The moon will be high in the sky – and hopefully visible with no clouds – by the time darkness falls.

More information

More details will be forthcoming – typically the August moonlight regattas get an earlier start than the June or July ones because the sun sets earlier.

  • Be ready to set sail at 8pm for the July 29th regatta.
  • Be ready by 7:30pm for the August 26th regatta.

Follow for any updates or breaking news.

See you on the lake!

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