Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

Spring 2023 TEA Membership Meeting: Mon, April 10th

Spring 2023 Membership Meeting April 10th @ Horse & Hound

The TEA Annual Spring Membership Meeting is planned for Monday, April 10, 2023 at the Horse & Hound at 94 Spring Street. We also plan to have a laptop/camera at the meeting broadcasting over Zoom for TEA members interested in watching remotely.

Meeting will begin at 7:00 p.m.

Note: This meeting is for TEA Members only.

Email to RSVP for in-person. If you want the Zoom Broadcast Link ask for it when you RSVP.

If you are new to the TEA or you want to update us on your information, please fill out the TEA Resident Questionnaire. Thanks!

➡ President and other Officer reports
➡ Treasurer:

  • Final FY2022-2023 Budget vs. Actual review
  • Proposed Budget for 2023-24 Fiscal Year (& Vote*)

➡ Proposed Capital Projects (dock, replace shed)
➡ Beach Report / Lake Committee update

➡ 2022-2023 Truesdale Drawdown information
➡ Upcoming meeting schedule for coming year.

The TEA Officer roles are two year terms per the bylaws. New Officers began new two year terms this January from 2023-2024. At the end of 2024 the terms will end and we will need new volunteers for these roles. But for the next two years we are set.

WE DO NEED SOME NEW TEA BOARD MEMBERS! A lot of the same people are taking on the board and officer roles, some for many years. Fresh eyes and fresh energy is needed and valued. Thank you to our newest board and officer members Kate and Sarah who have stepped up to help as co-beach chairs!

If you are new to the community and want to help, there are lots of ways to pitch in. If you have been here for years but have never gotten involved with the association, now may be the time! Email to reach out and let us know your questions, comments, concerns, or what role you’d like to help out with.

Current TEA Officers for 2023-24:

President (co-Presidents Jo Ann Ferrigno and George Ferrigno) – organizes & runs meetings, in charge of recruiting next president and officers. Can sign checks.

Vice President (Debbie Fink) – runs meetings when President can’t attend. Fills in other roles as needed. Can sign checks.

Treasurer (Ruth Vellensky) – deposits checks, writes checks, tracks and reports on income/expense and bank balances. Tax filing 990.

Recording Secretary (Howard Citron) – Takes meeting minutes, sends drafts to board and membership attendees post-meeting.

Corresponding Secretary (Rob Cummings) – Receives and replies to association correspondence.

Sergeant-at-Arms (Kate Grieve) – guards the door (or virtual door)

Formal roles for Officers are in the TEA Bylaws here:

TEA Bylaws

At-large Board members (7-9 members needed) attend 4 standing meetings per year. Current board members are: Lisa Capobianco (Beach Chairperson), Glenn Capobianco, Harron Appleman, Melissa Scarlatto, Tom Houlihan, Ira Sanchick, Kathleen Ward Gallagher, Carol Gamez, Wendy Daniels, Mike Vellensky, Sarah Polizzotto.

Standing Association Meetings are on the following schedule:
-TEA Membership Meetings (entire membership invited 2x/year):
—SECOND Monday of April (April 10, 2023, Spring Membership Meeting)
—SECOND Monday of November (Nov 13, 2023, Fall Membership Meeting)
-TEA Board Meetings (only need board members and officers to attend):
—SECOND Monday of March (March 11, 2024)
—SECOND Monday of October (Oct 9, 2023)
Special Meetings can be called for association business.

Critical positions that don’t have to be board members:

Beach Chairperson – Hire and train lifeguards, coordinate beach clean-up, monitor beach conditions, keep an eye on beach things like electricity and trash service. Lots more! A lot of overlap with the Social Chairperson.

Social Chairperson – Plan and get volunteers for any social events – primarily the Summer Kickoff BBQ the second weekend in June. Some events can be at our beach while others we can coordinate with TLPOA. This position is all about fun!

Volunteer Opportunities & Committees:

Beach Clean-up Day – the Saturday before Memorial Day Weekend (May) each year. Lots of sand spreading, weed cleanup, general maintenance, and straightening up the beach getting ready for the first official weekend of summer on Memorial Day Weekend.

Floats and Dock installation, management, and winterizing – 2-3 people needed – at the beginning of the season, usually on Beach Clean-up Day, volunteers put out the floats and swim dock. 2-3 people. At the end of the season, this group pulls in the floats and winterizes & secures the swim dock

Lake Management Committee Member – be the TEA liaison to TLPOA Lake Manager John Gusmano and Pond & Lake Connection (James Gorman, main contact). Participate in email communications and bring any concerns to the TEA & TEA Board. More info:

CSLAP Testing Member (1 person needed) – We are looking to rejoin the New York State Federation of Lake Associations “Citizens Statewide Lake Assessment Program” which uses trained volunteers to sample the water conditions of Truesdale Lake and hundreds of other NY State Lakes. More info is at:

Resident Canada Geese Registration and Egg Control program volunteers (2-3 people needed to go out to the islands in March and April) – Each year we get permits from the United States Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) to oil and addle eggs in the nests of Resident Canada geese. 20+ years ago there were hundreds of Canada geese that would take up permanent residence on Truesdale Lake for the summer. This causes unhealthy conditions in the lake and on lawns. More information at

Truesdale Lake Dock Committee (TLDC) – We have a joint TEA/TLPOA/Vreeland/Lake Shore Drive committee that accepts applications for new and renovated docks. The TLDC process is designed to help the homeowner comply with our requirements and the Town of Lewisboro’s regulations..

Truesdale Fishing Committee – fishing guidelines and signage around Truesdale Lake. Fishing information here:

Ad-hoc Building Committee – We built two boat racks at the TEA beach. These racks have 2 spots available for TEA members. If you are interested in a spot on the rack, the season rental is $100. If you are interested in helping build another one at the TEA Gilbert/Lake Shore property let us know. Other projects of the Building Committee in 2022 will include the new shed installation including a proposed tiki bar.

Landscaping committee – anyone with ideas to beautify our already lovely beach let us know. We have ornamental grasses along the boat launch fence side. Always looking for additional ideas to make it look good.

In 2023 we are looking to replace or repair the following items at the beach:

  • Boat Launch Dock bridge
  • Storage Shed

Anything else you can think of? Let us know.

Some helpful links for lake residents new and old:

TEA Map and Other TEA Resources Online
Map available at the website here:

For residents new to the lake, download the TEA Welcome and Information Packet from this location as well.

*If you are interested in volunteering for the TEA board or a specific activity, please email or fill out this questionnaire.

Contact Information

Truesdale Estates Association
PO Box 363
South Salem, NY 10590

*if you are not current with your TEA dues, you cannot vote until your dues are brought current.

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