Truesdale Lake  

South Salem, New York

Beach Cleanup Thank You

Place: TEA Beach; Date: Saturday, May 21st; Reason: Pre-Opening Clean up Day

Thanks to two dozen volunteers, the TEA’s annual Clean up Day went well and was very a productive event.

In one sunny morning we were able to:

  • move a 7 yards of sand from the lower parking lot to the beach
  • rake the new sand and remove weeds/branches from the waterfront
  • clean out and reorganize the shed
  • string and install a beautiful brand-new set of buoys and ropes
  • return the swim raft off shore.

Don’t just take my word for it.  Walk, ride or drive by.  It looks fantastic and is ready from summer fun.

Thank you: Lisa, Bill, Ira & Laura, Kathleen & Matt, Andrea & her son, John & Maria, Peggy, Jane, Susan, Flavio, Bob & Ellen, Elizabeth & Phil, Charlotte & Catherine, Ciorsdan, Rob & Naomi, anyone else we forgot????

If you missed the spring clean-up, there’s always more to do during the summer. If you see something out of place best thing to do is get it done — or ask for help if its a bigger job. There are also plenty of other volunteer opportunities during the summer and beyond! Let us know at

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